By little tooth - 06/11/2008 13:39 - France

Today, my wisdom teeth decided to come in. I didn't know that being wise could hurt so much. FML
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hallucinog3n 0

welcome to life

starberries 0

Everyone is born without them. You don't sound too smart.


hallucinog3n 0

welcome to life

miss101 3

hahaha wise thats soooo funny :l but yeah it hurts.

brasilbabe 0

I agree. boo fucking hoo no one cares.

haha i dony have wisdom teeth. i was born witthout them. but im smart so its a win win. sucks 4 u

starberries 0

Everyone is born without them. You don't sound too smart.

BassGirl 5

You obviously lack intelligence if you think that people are born with them and that you are somehow an exception.

Haha, im lucky, my body didnt produce wisdom teeth

They aren't saying they are randomly a exception and just don't have them for no reason. Its a genetic mutation where the body just doesn't make them. Don't call people stupid when you don't have the competence to look it up.

hell yea.. mine are coming in, hurt like shit.. can hardly eat

Mine came in, had to miss a Friday from school and a weekend for recovery when they got pulled, not to mention the stitches took FOREVER. Worst two weeks of my life.

alwaysalady 0

When I had mine removed the doctor used too much anesthesia and I woke up being resusitated (spelling?) and my mom was crying.

Welcome to life. Atleast yours probably came up straight >_>'

i got mine out today. sucks balls i have taken 6 percoset today i'm a bit wooooooooozzzzyyyyyyyyyy

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Wow, when I got mine out this past June, I wasn't even AWAKE the majority of the day of, much less on FML! But then again, I had 7, so maybe the medicine dosages were upped a little bit or my surgery was more severe.

got mine out 2 weeks ago, sucks... its kinda fun though, gettin hopped up on vicodin

Vicodin makes some people have seizures.

even more reason to have em.

xMooMoox 0

I have to get mine out soon. I do want to try the Vicodin ;)

tua84897 0

ignorance is bliss my friend

beakman10 0

youre and idot...fag.

shineyourlight_x 0

how is this an fml??? are you serious right now?