By shortyybrooke - 24/08/2017 04:30

Today, my wife sat beside me on the ledge of the bathtub because she wanted to make out. I was on the toilet. Shitting. FML
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Thats literally the definition of love. FYL? More like fck yes.

yep, she's a keeper


Thats literally the definition of love. FYL? More like fck yes.

I see a blumpkin in the making. I just thought the idea was a prank played on the Urban Dictionary.

I'm a girl, too. No blumpkins this way ?

My fault for assuming you were a male-female couple. The icons for gender are hard to distinguish on a smartphone. On the bright side, you can make up the word or phrase for performing oral sex on a defecating woman. Go for it!

yep, she's a keeper

She loves you enough to deal with the smell of it means she gets to be affectionate with you and receive it from you. Appreciate the fact that she loves you enough to do that, and if it makes you uncomfortable, tell her that you appreciate that she wants couple time, but that you find the idea of engaging in it while using the bathroom very off putting.

your wife is awesome, I just hope you love her enough to make out with her while she is taking a dump.

This one feels like the OP is laughing at the people with real relationship problems

Are you guys rednecks? Why the f*** is she in the bathroom while you are doing a no. 2???!!!!

Don't get so butt hurt over it.

Seems like she was willing to wait for you to finish your business!