By Anonymous - Croatia - Zagreb
Today, my wife paid a man with a fake crystal and an even faker accent to investigate the creakiness of our apartment complex floors. $300 later, she told me he'd found a "sinkhole of chi energy" and that the building may collapse if we don't pay him to disperse it. I want a divorce. FML
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By  TheSgLeader  |  21

You just need to talk it out with your wife. Get to know what's on her mind. There isn't a need to break families apart because of a trivial and minor thing. You got married for a reason. Cherish it, my friend.

  Ms_ValS  |  27

Agreed. Besides OP the divorce will cost you more. Just draw the line in the sand. Tell her she can spend her money if she wants (i.e. If she works for the money herself). But if it's your money, then you get to decide and she should not consult any more of these "services" without your agreement.

  attaboyyy11  |  11

Hmm interesting point. I still think that the man is the head of the household and the leader as well as the breadwinner and gets final say on how money is spent.

  noonenoeone  |  22

42 why did you get down voted...everything you said is spot on. Anyone that would spend $300 on that BS because of creaky floors in a place they RENT isn't competent enough to hold a job paying much more than minimum wage. She needs to quit wasting his money and apparently his life/time.

  LexiD19  |  26

Why did #42 get down voted? Cause his comment was sexist as hell. We're not in the middle ages, woman can make more then men, and a marriage should be a partnership. Not one person as a leader. If she does not work though, then she should not spend the money without consulting her husband

  reeper147  |  14

If your partner is blowing hundreds of dollars on dumb things like that without consulting him, he is well within his rights to ask for divorce. What if she spends all his money and they go bankrupt?

By  19990231  |  29

Now what was she actually paying him for..?

  MrConcise  |  34

I once dated a girl who lived in a pretty bad neighborhood, she put tinfoil on her windows and told me it was a cheap alternative to curtains. Pretty believable, until long after we broke up she told me she actually did it to protect herself from aliens.