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Today, my wife of 10 years bought me a bottle of wine, a wine rack and wine accessory kit for my birthday. She knows I don't like wine. FML
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This is probably for her! For her birthday buy lots of beer! and maybe go to a football game!!


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"Let's divorce from my wife just because she bought wine stuff and I don't like wine" yeah, that will go down well...

#1 not funny even if you were being sarcastic..

Lol, didn't think I'd get downvoted this much. I'm just making fun of the standard response of a lot of people to these kind of posts. A shame that a lot of people apparently can't detect sarcasm.

At some point the Internet just ought to include some sort of sarcasm font option or something

It would have been easier to detect if you placed it between " ;)

It's hard to detect sarcasm if you're not hearing it, sadly

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What really should've made the sarcasm to be seen, was the "obviously". I detected it, yet other people can't. Another way of doing it is putting /s after your post.

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Honestly, I thought it was funny.

How do people not realize this was sarcasm? It was such an over the top, extreme response. I thought it was funny

I hope you have a good sense of humor.

"Oh, you spent quite a bit on stuff I don't like. Haha, I get it! That's really funny somehow!"

This is probably for her! For her birthday buy lots of beer! and maybe go to a football game!!

It sounds to me like the wife is interested in that stuff and she bought that stuff in hopes of it being something you could enjoy and do together. It's a bad call and actually kind of selfish of her, even though that wasn't her intention. She should've just bought something she knew you'd enjoy. Although if that was her line of thinking than maybe she's looking for more things for you guys to do together. Talk to her about it, tell her you don't like wine and would rather return it for something you'll use and like, then ask her if she wanted to join a class or try something else together that you could both like.

I'm sorry, did you miss the part that says "She knows I don't like wine" because judging by the book you wrote, it seems you did.

No I didn't miss that part, which is why I wrote "tell her you don't like wine" and suggested he return it and later ask his wife if there was something else they could do together. I said that she probably (selfishly) bought it for herself and thought (selfishly) that it was something they could do together. Sounds like you didn't even read my "book." Should've just responded TL;DR if that was how you felt instead of trying to knock my comment that actually pertained to the situation. :)

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Witch_E_Poo 14

AND she wrote another fuc876g book! AND boringly repeated it...

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Let me guess, you just told her the other day, she drinks to much? Joking aside, I know selfish people like this and they do buy stuff for themselves, for you. You have some thinking to do. Alotnof good comments on this one!

It wouldn't surprise me if she got it for herself. Smash them over her head for next year.

Wow. That's rough. Maybe, looking at the positives, she figured you'd like this one bottle of wine? Maybe she wanted you to try this one? But that's unlikely as she bought a rack and accessory kit.

Well she better give you a birthday present in bed tonight to make up for it!

I think it's for her. So re-gift it to someone else. See what says.