By Anonymous - / Sunday 10 February 2019 18:00 /
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By  mayaklast  |  4

Outside of the money question, taking in two puppies at the same time is a terrible mistake. It's not at all the same as raising one. If you don't have any experience with that kind of thing, I suggest you make a search about it to know where this is all heading (hell, that's where) :
If I were you, I would give at least one of them back immediately before it's too late.

By  Sinshine  |  25

Fuck your and the puppies' lives. Bring the puppies back and tell her to act like a normal thinking person and buy a bar of chocolate next time if she needs something to cheer her up.

By  Amy Sieber  |  2

my rescued Beagle is the same waywhen I leave her, outside of going to work. I hire pet sitters through Rover, so I can leave her, knowing she is safe and my place will be intact when I return. All sitters are checked out and love animals. Zoe is always very happy when she is left with a sitter. I hope this helps!

By  Cole Manson  |  7

I had an old roommate who got 2 cats because he thought it would save his marriage with his cheating wife who always wanted cats. About a year later they got divorced and got rid of the cats. I don't understand why people use living animals like they're objects that way.