By prickly - 11/10/2009 16:48 - United States

Today, my wife got the flu. While she was sleeping, I went out to buy her some soup and other things. When I was walking back through the door, she woke up, thought I was a burglar, and threw the closest thing to her at me. What was it? A cactus. FML
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doggie3 0

Sounds painful.

Shove a pineapple up her bajingo.


I'm firsy too ... get me a glass of ginger beer?

YDI for marrying a blonde.

Also, you should drop kick her ass

that's got forgiveness blowjob written all over it. score.

umm. i'm kind of in love with your comment Bo_day_shus. :D

at least it wasn't agun or it hit you in thefamily jewals

Double fail. You can't even spell 'first'.

Um actualy i believe she was making a pun on the similarities between first and thursty by saying firsy

only pricks say "First"

doggie3 0

Sounds painful.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Oh it is, I had a giant cactus plant when I lived in Florida. Was right outside the house. If I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking... ouchies.

Ajjas013 6

Maybe it's a magical cactus!

Sun_Kissed18 25

I wish!

Ouch. Well, ouch only if it hit you in the face; which would have been really funny if it was on youtube in slow-mo.

supercu96 0

lol can't wait to see some moron's reason for this to be YDI FYL xD

You diserve it for owning a cactus! ROFL

Diserve? Lawl. He so DISERVED that one.

Hahaha . This was the exact reason I read the comments... To see the reasoning behind ydi lol.

Shove a pineapple up her bajingo.

Perhaps it's all part of an s&m thing she's trying? Seriously, try this pineapple idea, i'm sure it'll only make your marriage more of a success.

ChronicFAIL 0

Pineapple is code for penis. *Just to be clear.* ;)

madishunwhut7 0

good use of the word "bajingo" i haven't heard that in a long time!

DKjazz 20

You know, the pineapple is the manliest fruit, rough and spiny on the outside, but soft and sweet on the inside.

Epickitty58 29

Thank you for helping me explain my hilarious and not-always-school-appropriate vocabulary, #6.

Josher47 0

What a great wife

haha funny! and no ur not #1 loser


Hahaha you reminded me of a comic called Girls With Slingshots. :D

fmlreader1359 0

^ do you really not have a legit comment to say? that sucks btw. those needles hurt I've been poked by em before. and I have the flu. that would be cool if it was swine