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  KK3137  |  31

Or maybe OP's husband likes a certain type of woman, and those two clicked because they had more than just an (ex-)hubby in common.. Still sucks for the OP, though..

By  simplysarcastics  |  26

They probably gossip about
you on the regular, and this
is an unusual relationship. Do you have kids with the ex, or any reason for her to still be in your life or did you new wife just scout her out?

  staaacey  |  29

I don't see this as being strange. my mom is great friends with my dad's ex wife, and everyone gets along very well. the situation works for us. its even better to be like this if kids are involved.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I agree that this type of relationship is perfect if you have kids involved and the ex still has to be apart of your life. This is also fine if Op also had a good relationship with the ex, or her and her husband (if she remarried). But it is extremely awkward if Op doesn't have a good relationship with her, doesn't like her, and has cut her out of his life completely. Especially if things ended really bad or he doesn't trust her, etc.