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  leeshxx  |  3

oh ewwwy a period! grow the feck up! average of five days a month! u piss outta your dick and ejaculate the foulest tasting shit known to earth out of it and expect us to suck and swallow then say no i don't think i should return the favour? i ought to cut your dick off sir!

  trick619  |  0

kartilino is fuckin desperate for any girls attention. what a douche.

and of course every girl is going to tell a guy "yea I clean and I smell fine" it's not like a girl would be like "hey I wouldn't do that, I have quite a smelly snatch" haha

  Sinkhole  |  26

Curlsgetthegirls, you seriously don't understand why pendatik called you an ignorant Aussie? He obviously didn't bring nationality just for the sake of it, he did it because you said "I'm not an illiterate American". So, you mention nationalities and then get mad if someone else does it too? It doesn't really matter if you're an Aussie or not, he was just trying to make a point, it seems like you're the slow one because you didn't understand that.

Your other point doesn't make much sense either. You say that American English is lazy English for people who would rather spell phonetically, but I'm guessing that you didn't know that some words used in British English used to be spelt differently. Words like 'horror', 'mirror' and 'governor' used to be spelt with a '-our'. So, unless you keep spelling those words like that, I guess we can say you're lazy 'cause you spell some words phonetically too.

By  Jimboom  |  11

Perhaps it was more of a revenge act? Kind of like a "You like leaving me skid marks to clean... lets see YOU clean them with YOUR tongue!"