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Today, my wife brought my 5-year-old daughter to visit me at the office. My boss has a speech impediment, and when she heard it, she exclaimed, "Hey my daddy can sound just like you! Show him daddy! Show him!" FML
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Honestly, you should never make fun of someone's disabilities. YDI on this one.

Well you sure deserve it if you're mocking someone with a speech impediment in front of your daughter... Way to set a good example


I don't think op really deserves this. I know of "teachable moments" that people have with their kids but this is a case of wrong place at the wrong time. Still this can be a lesson for your child when you return home, which is to not make fun of people ever because it's hurtful.

#1, there's a button for that.

Kids are easily malleable and OP shouldn't have showed his kid such a thing. But every dad wants his kid to think he's funny and at the time I could easily see this as a small joke not Meant to be hurtful. Census, YDI for making this joke about your boss. And really? Making fun of a speech impediment?

13 OP makes fun of his boss in front of his impressionable child and got busted. Why doesn't he deserve it?

You don't say!

79 although I do not condone ops behavior and I do believe it was cruel. I don't think it's ops fault that something that was done in the privacy of his own home was brought to the light by his child. Both op and his daughter learned their lesson hopefully and the behavior won't be reciprocated.

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Tbh, I'm not entirely convinced that op was meant to be making fun of his boss. Maybe op speaks in a baby/funny voice to his daughter sometimes that just happens to sound similar to the boss's voice? Bit of a stretch but hey, sue me for assuming the best in people :)

107, let me get this straight, imitating someone with a speech impediment in front of your five year old isn't cruel? So what if instead of saying it in front of his boss she went to her kindergarten class and imitated a classmate with a speech problem? Sure she doesn't know any better, because her father isn't setting a good example. I'm not saying I've never made fun of anyone and it's totally understandable to have words about your boss when you get home but the point is OP needs to be incredibly careful about his actions around his daughter. They're like tiny parrots waiting to repeat everything their parent say.

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Not cool, making fun of his speach impediment, show your daughter a lesson

The daughter was recollecting a time when OP made fun of him at home, not making fun of him there.....

SmallBean 12

8) and what's the difference? For argument's sake let's say he only did it once at home... He still made fun of someone's speech impediment. Sure we all make fun of people every now and then, but even then you must realize its wrong, especially in front of your child.

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35 - You've never had a speach? It's short for "super peach". They are delicious ;)

33 - Apparently following the subject of my statement wasn't clear? If so I was referencing the daughter not the OP. If you read my comment again you'll notice I said the daughter was remembering when the father made fun of the boss at home. She wasn't making fun of the boss there, thus making the comment we are replying not make sense. Why would you teach the daughter a lesson because she want making fun of the boss.

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50) I'm sorry if MY message wasn't clear. The lesson is to not make fun of people and their disabilities. Teach the daughter by example.

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50 - Your comment makes no sense because it doesn't matter WHERE it happened, OP made fun of his boss's speech impediment. He shouldn't do that around his daughter period. This in no way makes 2's comment irrelevant. In fact, it makes it very relevant to the FML.

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88- finally, someone who uses fucking simple logic.

Honestly, you should never make fun of someone's disabilities. YDI on this one.

Even if your saying T-T-T-T-Today junior?!?

Oh no! It's K-k-k-ken! He's going to K-k-k-kill me! Sometimes its funny!

#3 it's not really thaaat funny. A lot of people struggle with this and really cripples their self esteem so you making fun of them isn't really helping anybody

I meant to say #17 lol. #3 is on point

It really isn't funny, my brother and I both have problems stuttering. People can be really mean about stuff that isn't another persons fault. At my school they allow the special education kids to join any club they would like. One girl decided to join cheer, and she obviously can't do it like all the other girls and people make fun of her a lot. It's horrible.

I take offensive to this, its not funny in the slightest. Up until 12th grade I had a very very noticeable lisp, because of a birth defect that was fixed earlier. I had to have jaw surgery to get my teeth far enough forward to speak properly. I got bullied a lot, people would come up and speak to me pretending they had a lisp. It can really ruin someone's childhood. Making fun of people because they're a little different is not only mean, but its childish and immature. Grow the fuck up.

You don't know that that's how it happened, maybe he spoke baby-like with his child? This isn't too hard to grasp. From what we can tell from the story OP have not made fun of his boss but rather the previously mentioned happened. When I speak to children I sometimes use a funny lisp that I used to have because in context of my regular voice they laugh. I am almost certain this happened.

At #69: Since I know how you feel in the sense that I also used to have a sort of lisp and I actually still have problems saying rolling R's which english people very rarely use, but in Sweden it's every other R. I think it's still humourous because it's funny to hear a lisp if you're a child. Now the boss in question may have some other "defect" but you are really the buzzkill here. If we can't laugh at this we can't laugh at anything. However I am not saying you deserved to be bullied, that is of course horrible for you and I know that pain. It sucks.

I have issues with any word that has the letters ir in it. It sounds more like the word has a ur instead of an ir.

#77 it's funny to a child yes, but that's the reason that I, as well as many other children, have been bullied. Parents should be teaching their children that what may be funny to them can make other people very uncomfortable. I don't have a lisp anymore but I'm sympathetic to people that do, like my friend. Shes a teacher and her own students mock her. I don't think I'm being a buzzkill at all, go ahead and laugh at other things, but this can really affect some people and I don't find it humorous at all.

Lant 6

Oh, yes, #69 Yes-yes-yes, everything was going swimmingly for you until people started making fun of your voice.Yes, yes, THIS is the thing that will ruined your reputation, not your years of grotesque appearance or awkward social graces, or that Felix Unger-ish way you clear your sinuses. No, no, it's THIS. Do you hear yourself talk?

I think people would know why they're being made fun of if the bully openly tells them to their face. Good job on all those insults though. How long did it take you to come up with those well hiding behind your computer screen?

Lant 6

Not long since i stole it from family guy

#83, then you didn't seem to get my point at all. It was not that I think we should make fun of people with speech difficulties, but rather have understanding for OP and not jump on the blame-wagon and call him names for making fun of his boss.

I stammered a bit as a kid (mostly I mispronounced words - and hesitated because I *knew* I couldn't pronounce it properly) until around seventh grade, because of the way my jaw and teeth were set up wrong. It took a palate-widener, three retainers, seven years of braces, and two surgeries to fix my jaw/teeth, and three years of speech therapy - I still hesitate a bit on certain words, ESPECIALLY in French. I'm also physically disabled, use crutches to get around, and have to deal with a lot of fatigue, and medications that mess with my head and make my brain go foggy so I forget simple things like left from right, or people's names. I believe anything is funny in the right time at the right place (in comedian's terms, know your room). Robert Downey Jr's character in Tropic Thunder saying "You never go full retard" in reference to Ben Stiller's character's performance in another film is absolutely brilliant. He's also portraying a method actor working in blackface, which is offensive in a million ways and yet also hilariously brilliant because it's so offensive it's ludicrous. Also? When I was in the hospital sick, I wrote into the Hollywood Babble-On podcast, because I was listening a lot in the hospital, and Kevin Smith essentially got Ralph Garman to make fun of me in a really, really bad French accent. It made my MONTH. Maybe I have a strange sense of humour, but I firmly believe there is a place for any kind of humour (hell, I call myself 'the cripple' or 'cripplepotamus', and threaten to shin people with my crutches if they're being stupid - 'cripplepotamus' has now become an affectionate nickname from my partner - which sometimes earns him a thwack on the shins). Since one of my main illnesses is Lupus, my friends call me 'the Werewolf', when someone asks what's wrong with me, they like to interrupt and say 'she's got the Werewolf', and I threaten to bite them and give them Werewolf too. (Lupus is not remotely contagious). But you gotta know your room, and making fun of someone with a speech impediment in front of a five year old is a pretty bad interpretation of your audience. =/ Might be hilarious if you have a couple of the guys from work come over for a beer in the backyard, but like I said, know your room. Making fun of someone behind their back is also probably not the best approach, either. I have a sense of humour about my disabilities, and always have - some people don't - I prefer to be made fun of to my face. Some nasty rumours from friends started behind my back when one of them commented on the number of narcotic drugs I was taking jokingly (knowing I was under strict supervision from two doctors and a pain specialist), and by the time it got back to me? I was apparently addicted to pain medication and buying it from dealers. Beware the broken telephone.

#132, Well worth the read. Bravo for being able to make fun of yourself, and showing others how to have fun without hurting.

134 Thanks for summing it up, I was too lazy to read it.

Oh my god if I wrote that on a phone my thumb would fall off how long did that take you?

It's a movie reference. You should watch 'A Fish Called Wanda' and get the joke.

Well you sure deserve it if you're mocking someone with a speech impediment in front of your daughter... Way to set a good example

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You shouldn't have done that behind your bosses back. Ydi

Should he instead do it in front of his boss?

SmallBean 12

Yes, he should be a man and do it in front of his boss. That way his boss can know and either A) kick op's ass ... or B) fire him

Or C) Promote OP because nobody "has the guts to say it in my face".

CharresBarkrey 15

71 - I can't tell if that's a Ted reference or not...

If you're gonna talk behind your bosses back.. Be smart and don't do it around lil kids.. They tell everything!

Right! If OP wants to mock him, he should at least mock him right.

are you fired yet?

Well did you?

You deserved it for making fun of your boss...

YDI. There is a place for people like you. It's called hell. Never make fun of people with disabilities.

Wowxoxo 17

Hell doesn't exist.

I apologize. My brother with speech impediment wrote this comment and took it too far. And 24, that is opinion based.

Stupid fool aren't you 15!? Ops that was actually me. *giggles*

CharresBarkrey 15

26 - Actually it's more science and logic based, but okay, sure.

Actually no, 90, it's opinion based. Science has discovered a lot of things, but nowhere have they proved that God/Heaven/Hell doesn't exist. If they did, I imagine a lot of people would've converted to atheism by now. And to imply that people who belong to a religion are illogical is just as ignorant. There are plenty of scientists, doctors and physicists that are Christians, Jews, etc.