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Today, my wife and I almost got a divorce over a game of Yahtzee. FML
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apparently my games aren't as intense as yours

Spade606 6

You two must have a strong relationship


apparently my games aren't as intense as yours

AaronTkr 0


You must be fucking boss at that game. Marry someone up to par. I gotta see this.

How is it even possible, signal ur marriage is a sham

HowAreYouToday 34

At least you didn't get married over yatzee. That would have been worse... "oh honey! You are so good at yatzee! The way you throw dice is sooo sexy!"

I only hope for the sake of humanity you two were drunk or high. Otherwise don't "breed" hatred in this world.

It's just an excuse. He's wanted to leave her ass for a while now, because he prefers the game 'Clue'.

Meh, it probably wasn't even about the game. The game was a catalyst for a growing problem. Seek help now, OP.

latinking13 8

I bet his wife is looking for any excuse to leave him

sephoraprincess 7

hahahaha! when my sisters & I used to play barbies together, there would be total chaos. World War III happened at my house!

enonymous 8

I played Operation with my wife. Sold her kidneys and liver on the black market. Rest of her I fed to my hungry hungry hippos. At least it didn't end up in divorce.

I told my wife I was Sorry for causing so much Trouble but all she would do was tell me to get a Life. I decided I would Go Fish to give her some time to cool off, but even that didn't work. The Frustration just kept on building and she even got mad at me when she stepped on a Mouse Trap I had set up. Guess Who left me for another man? I suppose I didn't have a Monopoly on her love like I thought...

Damn, Mouse Trap. That shit took more time to set up than to play the game.

Nice one there, 94.

JumboSquidster 0

Umm ow. But ok

krazy_glu3 0

Could've sworn it was spelled Yahtzee..... That game never ended well at my house. Someone always got pissed and walked away,

Zambaku 9

If you guys played Call of Duty together, You'd order hits on each other.

114, you're right. it is spelled Yahtzee

rallets 22

the german version is called Nahtzee

Tristan6502 0

Wanna hear a joke Justin Bieber

GuessWhatKids 13

Does OP live in South Park?

ColleenMcDonnell 0

I love you.

kings1fan 6

Must have been an intense game!

itsgen 16

or a weak marriage

weak marriage is an understatement lol

SirObvious 1

Now youll get a divorce over an FML

Spade606 6

You two must have a strong relationship

heartbrakej 0

if you two were about to get a divorce over yahtzee, then you really need a divorce.

22cute 17

No, you really need to BACK DOWN! It takes two people to have an argument. You need to stop trying to win petty little battles that don't matter.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1


#70, maybe they could try marriage counseling first? You know, rather than just give up like most people do nowadays?

You definitely don't want to play monopoly with her. I've been in so many arguments playing that game.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Haven't we all. After half an hour, monopoly sucks.

tylersign 11

Or Call of Duty...

About who gets the car/:

midnightsky1 3


excuse me, I believe it's spelled Yahtzee.

I just about got a divorce with my wife over Uno. My kids went to get a camera to film it too.

I played UNO with a Mexican once. He kept all the Green Cards.

StopDropNRoll 11


Why do people have to lie? Hmm #6 why do people have to lie? Dick.

You sound like people who comment on FML . . .

kelsey_katie 17

That doesn't even make sense..? Or is it just me..?

OP (you) and his wife sound like all the people who comment "DUMP HIM" on here (FML) for the the dumbest reasons.

Did that clear up my comment? It made sense to me but it could just be because I knew what I was thinking

kelsey_katie 17

Yes! Haha, it's like 2am here, and I'm a little out of it! Thanks for clarifying(:

Yeah same time here. I should've made it more obvious the 1st time

Sorry for thumbing down your first comment; I'm on iOs, and so I just saw the comment alone and thought it was dumb, but after reading the explanation I liked it, but I can't change thumbs. So I thumbed up your other comments, if it makes you feel any better.

Haha that's ok man. If you didn't know what I was thinking it does look dumb. I've realized that quite a bit of my comments are like that

kelsey_katie 17

Don't worry about it(: posting comments and reading comments at 2am, can get difficult! Haha

AlwaySunny 0

next time, play go fish instead, oh wait no your not ready for that step in your relationship

sarahmcgeee 5

maybe that's a sign?

aFatFuck 0

Ya know what they say. "Monopoly and Yatzee account for 90% of all divorces" - FOX news

DontModMeDammit 10

The only good news stations is that of The Colbert Report, and The Daily Show. All others just blow.

daydreamer244 13

ur a dumbass

TheRealHouse 7

I think that was the point of this comment. Or maybe I'm just giving them too much credit