By Anonymous - 12/02/2010 07:51 - Canada

Today, my very drunk mother decided to run down the block naked, screaming at the top of her lungs, "She's trying to kill me" as I followed behind her in my car, yelling for her to get in. FML
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"If you see a man or woman running down the street at full speed completely naked and in terror, run with that person because you have no idea what is coming from the other direction."

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she's crazy!!!


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she's crazy!!!

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No, she's not crazy, she just knows how to have fun.

this must be the woman that got in a fight at Krystle Burger.

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amen to that haha

If OP is from Alberta, I'm not quite sure what the quality of looks is with the women nowadays.

haha, this post made my day

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haha 51 I thought that was what I was going to read again!

wow that's

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omfg that sucks

hahah I totally agree

I wish my mom was that awsome

Made me feel 10x's better about my day

I think it was mire than alcohol maybe like acid

#53 totally jacked my punchline, that is conpletly fyl I wouldn't have folowed her and let her ruin her life :/

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this Fml is fake

rotfl this is quite the fml for the imagination

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wow, hide all the drink in your house! Why were you driving? should've run after her!


Blame Canada!

you should of just left..

nice eragon name... (random)

uhoh grammar Nazi up in here

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shoot her leg next time lol jk what's worst haveing to see ur mother naked or paying for her AA meeting

what AA meetings have you gone to? they don't cost. at least they don't where I'm from

they do, you have to pay for everything nowadays.

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Sounds like a load of BS. how long did it take you to make this up so you can get attention? I'd only believe it if you're poor as dirt and your mom sleeps with the neighbor boys for drug money cause your mom would have to be on drugs to do that.

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Alcohol's a drug. And I've seen things like this before. It's not so far off deciding you want to kick somebody's head in because you think he looks at you funny. That's very, very common with alcohol - this sort of thing happens too. Hell, my dad got drunk and decided he was going to break into the field nearby and ride the horses - got thrown off one and nearly broke his back.

some people don't handle alcohol as well as others

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So is Tylenol, but you don't see it used in the reference I did. The average person knows the kind of drugs I'm implying, if you're in that below avg. catagory say so and I'll spell everything out in detail for you. FYL, cause you have the genes of a dumbass who rides the neighbors horses drunk, sucks to be you.

oh no it can be possible anything can happen in Canada* like anyone out of their own mind would run naked in this weather next to that the snow on the ground*

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wow aren't u a lil bastard thinking tht u can just come up in here and talk crap to everybody. when ure drunk anything is possible. and I deffinetly know this one is true cuz tht happened last week with my best friends mom( who only had beer). except she was screaming help she's trying to rape me!

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I can and will "come up in here" and say whatever I feel like. FYL for not even being able to speak some sort of coherent English. When you're done being a failure at life, go back to school and learn how to talk.

You should probably curb your matricidal tendencies then.

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mmm......this is funny i have to only think of what that picture looks like!!!!! :)

"If you see a man or woman running down the street at full speed completely naked and in terror, run with that person because you have no idea what is coming from the other direction."

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lols lmao rolf .

Would you also get naked to run with the naked person or strictly come as you are?

hell, have a sexy party. with some acid maybe stewie will show up. :)

Beware, Beware, Beware of the naked man.

"We're going streaking!! We're going to run up the Quads to the Gymnasium! C'mon, everyone! STREAKING!"

Will you look at that... hey! Is that Frank?

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@#62 Its peanut butter jelly time!!!!!!

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Agreed. WIN!

you should have called the cops on her and got it all on video. That would be a great piece of ammunition when she told you not to do something.

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call animal control