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By  suyci  |  0

#7 u were alone on valentines day ey?

but thefact that ur alone on valentines day doesnt matter, in this fact it IS the corporations that have thought this all out. i was alone too, but who cares?
the fact that your friends didnt invite you, is a clar clue to go and find other and better friends

By  slyvanilla_creme  |  0

this has happened to me before, although it wasn't V-day. i decided that "best" friends don't come easy and people are bound to let you down once in awhile. don't burn any bridges but associate with more people and make more friends. happy late V-day

By  oneangredwarf  |  0

that happened to me too! ugh some people just don't think of others but themselves, these two friends of mine just kept going on and on about getting a tattoo together showing how great their friendship is, while i was just listening in trying to not look hurt. People are just so oblivious! i really feel for you!