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Today, my twit of a husband admitted to falling for an internet scam involving a dead foreign politician, the promise of a share in millions of dollars currently stuck in a bank, and him having wired a large amount of our money to "bribe an official". FML
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  RouletteRed  |  6

You ma'am married a genius in the making xD. Like reall? "Send money to bribe some guy somewhere to free some guy we don't know for money we don't know even exists." People baffle me sometimes lol.

  kyarush  |  10

My favorite is "a billionaire died and there was nobody to claim his fortune and if you wire a bank fee of 5,000 you can claim the money" I love playing along and wasting the scammers resources then telling him to get bent after a week of making him look stupid

  CookiesNOJ  |  0

I get that kinda e-mail all the time.. it's not always the same sender or scenerio but more times than not they're hiding out and asking for money to get off a remote island and battle an army lol