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Today, my twit of a husband admitted to falling for an internet scam involving a dead foreign politician, the promise of a share in millions of dollars currently stuck in a bank, and him having wired a large amount of our money to "bribe an official". FML
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Those Nigerian prince!!

And you married this buffoon


You ma'am married a genius in the making xD. Like reall? "Send money to bribe some guy somewhere to free some guy we don't know for money we don't know even exists." People baffle me sometimes lol.

Is he missing a brain? I can't think of any way that could make him retarded enough to actually do that

at least it wasnt a nigerian princess.:)

Where would you even find such a dumb scam on the Internet let alone believe it, too? stupidity.

My favorite is "a billionaire died and there was nobody to claim his fortune and if you wire a bank fee of 5,000 you can claim the money" I love playing along and wasting the scammers resources then telling him to get bent after a week of making him look stupid

This is such a great ridiculous combination of things. Altogether making the best, and dumbest, Internet scam ever haha

I get that kinda e-mail all the time.. it's not always the same sender or scenerio but more times than not they're hiding out and asking for money to get off a remote island and battle an army lol

That internet scam somehow involved a corrupted file.

35- why do you waist time reading spam mail?

let me give your husband my bank account number!!

Really fun to play along with these guys and make them suffer - see more at

was it the same Nigerian guy that seems to always to be scamming people

let your husband know I can fix his problem if he wires me $5000.

So her husband is a pregnant fish. Cool

Ha! Wow, you actually got one that spoke good English!

are you kidding? some spam is awesome. I save the funniest ones, either for fails or uniqueness.

I always get those kinds of emails. Lol, but yea they are funny to read. Why would someone want me to get $500 million dollars without them knowing me?

Who actually says "twit"? That's the dumbest word ever

Sounds legit to me.

-> #16, couldn't have said it better myself.

that's a scam $&@!

That's nuts.

Nuh uh! That's how I made my fortune! Just keep sending them money op, you'll be rich in no time! :D

It was from Nigeria wasn't it... those damn nigerians just giving away millions!

FIRST... omg hehe anyway fyl

not only a stupid comment but a fail also, congrats.

THIRD!!! sorry. you were a little late on the draw there. but you get an "A" for effort.

THIRD!!! reply to this comment. durrrhurrr No one scares or cares.

Those Nigerian prince!!

was him name "Prince Lanre"?

Does your husband live under a rock? Do you shelter him too much?

And you married this buffoon

That was my first thought: OP had to know he was a fucking idiot before marrying him. So, how do we determine who's the bigger idiot?

Women go for idiots to make themselves feel smarter. Our world is wrong in so many ways.

#58 you're a moron.

If it's on the internet it must be true, right?

Was that sarcasm? Are you saying those pills won't make me grow bigger...

Totally. I can prove it. All you need to do is give me your credit card details!11!one!1

the Arab wife is also on the way.

Give him my name, I just have thousands he can help me retrieve. Or just send it directly to me.

You'd have better luck talking to the husband; he's the town genius here.

your fault you married him