By optimistic2628 - 19/10/2011 14:03 - United States

Today, my twin boys who are 5 decided to teach each other how to fly off the shed out back. They are still in their pajamas. Batman's arm is broken and Spiderman has a slight concussion. FML
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Silly kids, Batman and Spiderman can't fly. I hope they're ok though

How about you watch your children so stuff like that doesn't happen?


How about you watch your children so stuff like that doesn't happen?

Agreed. Great parenting.

Why do people take this stuff so seriously. Kids do stupid things! They're not dead or anything.

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sierra142 19

Stuff happens. Kids get up to trouble in a matter of minutes. You can't watch them 24/7.

enonymous 8

Co-Starring Mom as the Joker... Why So Serious?

At least you can tell them apart now!

24 - total win

watching children 24/7 can be impossible. But also, where was the dad? ...

You can't watch your kids every second of the day. Im not a mom and I know that. Kids get hurt and it becomes a lesson. I broke my arm playing hide and go seek when I was a kid. I was never the same after that..

Did you call your twins Batman and Spiderman, OP? You're awesome!

#46 if you broke your arm playing hide and go seek, you are playing it wrong.

Yeah 46, those are some pretty intense games you play.

SkardeyKat 3

Maybe the dad is where my kids' dad is.... Not around.

People keep saying accidents happen but you know the kids could have died in some situations.. There are definitely ways around it and it can be prevented

So, the kids can sit in their pj's all day, climb up on a shed and take turns jumping off... But mom didn't know what they were up to? Guess she was too busy online reading fml to be attentive? She's lucky they didn't break their necks.

And that's a win for #53!

"accidents happen"?? Really? It's one thing if your twins clog up the toilet or draw on a wall while you're not paying attention. It's completely different when you're so oblivious that your twins manage to CLIMB UP A FREAKING SHED AND JUMP OFF!! Accident happen. Kids fall and break shit all the time. But letting 5 year olds jump off a shed is negligence.

yadisingh 5

38. 24 epically failed. There was no win there.

you shouldn't have taken them to the hospital- robutusen would have fixed them up good

kaoticllama 1

I don't believe you're a bad parent at all. Too many people try to contain their kids and limit their ability to imagine. Sure they got hurt, but it wasn't anything permanent, and children learn from their mistakes.

53 it's called extreme hide and go seek. It's awesome. It's hide and go seek with hand to hand combat. You count as found when u break something...or die:)whichever one comes last

X_Codes 11

To everyone saying "oh you can't watch them 24/7..." You can keep your house ordered in a way that they can't climb the shed in the first place! That said, kids ARE stupid. Don't deny it, you were there, once.

tjv3 10

they must not have had their capes on lol.

srgsk9 9

Man, some of you guys are really butthurt when it comes to a parenting FML. I did stupid shit like this all the time and my parents watched me like a hawk. I only got better at slipping away.

BeeMaddness 0

Step off. Kids do stupid shit all the time. And you can't watch your kids all the time. Plus this is a normal part of growing up

punkin_26 16

122-And If you run outta 'Tussin'-add water to it, shake it up-mo' Tussin!! I freakin' love Chris Rock!

pepper477 6

Horrible parenting! they should know Batman can't fly!

Give batman some milk and cookies (build bone strength) and get spiderman some books about how spiders cant fly... I would say theyd learn from it but im not sure if spiderman can remember jumping...

who ever said the dad wasnt around? maybe this is the dad. YDI's for stereotyping.

Matty1188 6

Or at work. Making money to pay the medical bills.

#1 Yea right you people are so smart thinking we shouldn't let children watch superman, spiderman, batman cartoons because they are not real ??? Damn I love marvel

Ups read wrong, forget about my first commet.

Llama_Face89 33

Have you ever tried to keep track of one 5 year old, let alone 2? It's not easy. >_

Hahaha, benadryl too!

Spiderman doesnt wear a cape

JustAGirlNo1Sees 3

I agree, I have a 2 year old daughter and she climbs on things so quickly that I can't even comprehend it, and 5 year old boys have quite a lot of energy, also children get more and more clever as they get older...for all we know op probably had already tucked them into bed and they snuck downstairs, and the first time op heard from them again was them crying from "flying" off of the shed.

44-mabey shes divorced

drummergirl1031 2

Uhmmm? I'm 15 and I know if you have more than 1 kid you can't watch them 24/7??? Cleaning on top of coking laundry? Think about it?

don't forget bathroom breaks!! my sister has three kids under the age of 7, in the time it takes her to go to the bathroom even at top speed those kids can empty half her kitchen cupboards! if they had a shed to climb on I wouldn't be too shocked if they did just that. just saying, kids move at lightening speed and do the darnedest things. a parent of pajama clad 5 year olds is likely to believe that at most they're making a disaster zone of their room seeing as that's where they were probably put within the last 10 minutes. and seeing as children are also masters of stealth it's not surprising that they weren't heard until their cries of pain even if the parent was listening out for them. in short, shut up all you "I am a perfect parent and I will never let my child get a scratch" I'm sure once you have children, if you ever do, they'll break their fair share of their bones! so stop attacking this poor overwhelmed parent and get a life!!

Kids could have done this in the five minutes she went to the bathroom. Should she hire a babysitter or just hold it until someone can come in to supervise? Kids do stupid stuff and you cannot stare them down every minute of every day. No parent is perfect and no parent can make sure their kids are never hurt.

But Batman doesn't have parents to watch him...

Silly kids, Batman and Spiderman can't fly. I hope they're ok though

Batman should have at least glided so he'd avoid that broken arm.

Epsilonyx 15

Spiderman seems to have flown. I think he just hit a bird on his head on the way down. Batman just sounds stupid.

Today, spiderman and batman learned how mortal they really are. Lol Gotta love crushed dreams and life lessons. They probably won't be trying that again though.

OP fails to mention that they did actually fly, they just crashed into trees.

natashax21 5

Should have picked superman.

The did fly. Just straight down

KayleighRenee 0

Holy shit that's exactly what I first thought "silly kids. Batman and spiderman can't fly"

What I was wondering wad why the second kid jumped, after seeing his brothers arm either bent the wrong way, or him passed out on the floor.

Llama_Face89 33

260- I'm guessing they jumped at the same time. Novel idea.

everajade 0

Now if superman had been up there, maybe everyone would have been okay. Lol

They should have opted for Flash -- at least they'd get some exercise! |the kid|

bets011 0

Well, they're 5 so they probably don't know any better!!!

Lady_T 3

Epic win

36- how is that funny?

tsim_fml 0

"riddle me that batman"

That's how batman does It hardcore! :-D

lovelylittleme 0

...good parenting?

Why so serious OP? Don't pop a Bane! What was the Doctor's last name, did have something to do with a sea creature? Hey maybe a Robin hit them on the way down! Glad they didn't fall in Poison Ivy! What no Carnage? were infected with venom? I am such a Joker.... Mr. Freeze Catwoman Sand Man....

melikeyturtles 3

Dude, you tried way too hard on that one. Just stop....

Llama_Face89 33

228- you mentioned The Joker twice. :)

I'm guessing you predict a Darwin Award in their future?

Egnar 19

Your kids obviously don't know enough about Superheroes to know which of them can fly - That's probably the problem. Suggest they pretend to be Superman next time.

Yep, and I also suggest a time-out where they could pretend to be the Gargoyles...

fatcow282 8


chickenwalrus 14

don't worry. those kids will look back on that as teenagers and SHIT THEIR PANTS laughing.

The good ole days

Aww I feel sorry for you having to look after them but it's cute that they did it

13FTW 9

It's cute they injured themselves? What kind of sick bastard are you?

That's fucked up...

uffiewuffie 0

Um you're supposed to always look after your kids.

Aww, look at the bones sticking out of the little "super heroes". Isn't that just precious?! Seriously, wtf is wrong with you that you would think that's cute?

It's cute that they thought they could fly not that they hurt theirselves

13FTW 9

Now that you notice we are on to your crazed sexual fantasies of children getting hurt you try to cover your tracks but, we've caught on. Very tricky.

There's a certain amount of truth behind every "just kidding". . .

Awww wittle johny broke his arm! Just adorable... And oh! Did ur brother get a slight concussion? You two are the cutest!

I think he means that it was a cute idea, not the fact that they got injured. Just the imagination and playfulness.

Llama_Face89 33

171- honestly...that was pretty creepy, and that statement carries a lot of weight considering the source... :

Great parenting that is. I would like to ask who leaves any five year old outside unattended? Second, how did they manage to get onto the shed, because I'm assuming a ladder or other object was left near it. Third, I agree with 4, teach them who does fly so they know.

Egnar 19

Kids do stupid shit - They're 5, not 2. . .Which means they're capable of running amuck in their own trouble. The kids were still in their pajamas, so, for all we know they woke up earlier than mommy that day and decided to get into trouble. Or maybe mom was cooking some breakfast and didn't expect her kids to run outside to the back and jump off the roof of the shed in a period of 10 minutes. OR, maybe their backyard is fenced in so she felt safe leaving them alone for a few minutes. Good parenting isn't keeping a leash on your kids.

I agree wity Egnar , your taking it a bit far , you dont know the background story , and all kids do stupid things , if youve never done anything stupid that will be a highlight for the rest of your life , then your parents obviously kept you in a cage your whole life

No, but a good parent would have at least had a clue what's going on in their house. At age 5 kids can be taught what's ok and not ok, and they should know it is impossible to fly. Also, when you have twin boys that are clearly adventurous... Common sense is to keep an eye on them at all times.

I have a 5 year old brother and he is allowed outside by himself, without my mom keeping a constant eye on him. When you were 5 did your parents do that for you? Also, at my house we have a barn where the roof is not far from the ground; it's easy to get up, but not so easy getting down.

Ya know.. When I was 5 if someone did this they would get yelled at for being stupid. Nowadays we expect this to happen and yell at the parents. WTF is happening?

I agree. I am a twin and my brother and I did all sorts of shit. My mother couldn't watch us all the time, we jumped from our shed, we climbed trees and jumped from them, and we even (with some friends) walked to the daycare to our babysitters house instead of getting on the bus, crossed a busy road in the middle of a Michigan winter and had the police, our parents, the bus drivers and the babysitter searching for us. The fact of the matter is, IT HAPPENS! It is not the mother's fault, sheltering kids gives them less experience to learn from.

Llama_Face89 33

81- the fact remains that it's IMPOSSIBLE to watch them at all times. And yes they can know right from wrong...but they're 5 year old boys...when I was 5 I'd do stuff like that to see my parents look of terror. Thought it was hilarious.

adrrii 0

Shut up

That's awesome.

How is it awesome that two young children got injured? What's wrong with you?

mistersheezy 7

Holy numb spider senses batman!!!

You know hat they say, can't beat them? Join them. Get a Wonderwoman costume. :)

What* sorry I'm ashamed. =(