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Oh no, you must be shattered!

Now it has fancy air conditioning at no extra cost!


Oh no, you must be shattered!

Actually, this redesign is simply smashing.

All these puns are cracking me up

Guess that trusty car isn't so trusty anymore.

It was a failed attempt at humor, and I must smack myself for my failure at being funny.

and a downvote from the community, cause collectivism is the way to go.

Now it has fancy air conditioning at no extra cost!

But OP is in Ireland. And winter approaches. I'm not entirely sure he needs air conditioning right now.

Well the Irish are pretty bad ass for a reason.

That's a tough break OP

It also decided your hair looks much better with that wind-blown look. You know, like Harry Styles. You will be a sexy beast, and you'll get ALL the girls now. I guarantee it.

\ 28

Probably not the kind of girls you'd want to attract...

First Justin Bieber and now Harry Styles? hmmm you seem to be keeping close tabs on teenage boy celebrities.

Who is Harry

a little boy who's part of One Direction.

I have a daughter. It comes with the territory. "Know your enemy." - Sun Tzu

+10 respect for Doc for making a Sun Tzu joke.

38, you don't seem to know the difference between a joke and someone merely quoting some dead person.

#39, he was clearly quoting "some dead person" as part of his joke...

that was supposed to be a joke...? I thought he was just stating something.

Oh yeah, 46, he was just stating that some wanna be Jonas brother is his true enemy. There's no way that could be humorous. Obviously Doc is a secret assassin taking out lead singers of boy bands. He needed to step up his game so he reread the Art of War specifically to plan out his attack. I can't see a joke laid out in that plan anywhere! Definitely just a statement, you're so damn smart. We all thought he was joking, but nope, he was making a statement!

iknowiwantyou - Just to clarify, yes it was a joke. You either didn't get it, haven't read Art of War, or have no sense of humour. Or some combination of the three.

I haven't read art of war so no, I did not get your "joke".

61- I haven't read it either, but somehow I still managed to figure out that he was joking. And I was being sarcastic there, because I'm guessing you won't get that either...

LMAO I don't think you get your own sarcasm because it's way off. if you are actually being sarcastic your implying you never got his joke either. Either that, or you're comment is unnecessary and stupid.

I don't understand how you'd believe some weird little British manwoman could be Doc's "enemy". I'd stray away from calling other people stupid until you realize how big of a fucking fool you were.

I'm a colossal idiot.

So much hostility !!!

I swear cars have a mind of their own

I swear people have a mind of their own!

#16 Not in today's society.

\ 28

It seems most, if not all cars come with cleverly implemented design flaws to force their buyers to expend money for fixes.

You knew what you were getting into when you bought the Weasleys' old car.

Old cars have class even if it comes from lack of glass

You sir, know how to rhyme.

Well that's a glass half broken way to look at it.

No, its just broken

how old was it? when was the last time you gave it for servicing and maintenance?

I take my old car down to the badlands to get it serviced all the time. It costs me a bit of money but it's hard to find a hooker who's willing to blow your cars muffler..

I can guarantee you that routine maintenance does not generally include checking the stability of a rear window.