By Anonymous - United States - Gurnee
Today, my tiny apartment flooded. My family lives out of state and the few friends I have all gave me B.S. excuses for why I can't stay over for a few nights. I'm so broke this month that I'll probably have to hit up my psycho ex. FML
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  sylvienoir  |  18

no, #41
I lived in a place where the roofers were replacing the roof after a bad hail storm and it started raining so they put layers of something that was clearly not water proof. the ceiling fell in on my boyfriend while he was sleeping and a ton of the stuff in our room was covered in itchy scratchy insulation. Our landlord paid for a suite for us for 3 days, and we didn't have renters insurance. if the apartment you're paying for is not liveable then they have to find a place for you to stay.

  kirkaygri  |  18

Not always true. I know a lady who was just in a hotel for two weeks while her apartment was being renovated after being bought by a new owner. Per the terms of the purchase, all renters were suppose to leave for renovation then sign a new lease with the new owner. She didn't have a place to stay or any cash to go to a hotel and the new owner put her up in a hotel. Had he not of been a nice guy, she would have been s*** out of luck. She didn't have a lease with the previous owner (slum lord) and could have been told to hit the highway at any time. It all depends on your lease and the terms it includes. You need a clause for stuff like repairs out of your control.

  kenyrabit  |  25

Unfortunately, though they are responsible to cover the expense, it is usually in the form of a reimbursement.
I don't believe OP is holding a credit card if they're really considering the psycho ex.