By juliet - 06/04/2009 04:39 - Canada

Today, my theatre teacher made me go on stage even though I had a violent stomach flu. My understudies were unreachable, and she threatened to fail me if I did not perform. Halfway through the first act, I vomited on the first row. She failed me for letting the cast down. FML
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Complain to the principal. That is totally out of line.

Your teacher's a obvious but necessary comment!


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FHL for making you go. Next time, get more reliable understudies. Hope you feel better soon!

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have your parents consult the teacher an if nothing happens the principal. hurry before it's to late!!!

I don’t think it will ever be too late. She had you go on a set. I’m sure people were watching.

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contest it, you have to win

you should have looked up at her and vomited in her face.

Hope you get better soon =]

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Your teacher sounds like a bitch. Sorry OP. FYL

I agree with #2, but why didn't you just say no, and, if she failed you, go to your head teacher?

Your teacher's a obvious but necessary comment!

Complain to the principal. That is totally out of line.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAH. But seriously, you should've just told her to get fucked.

Wow, I can't believe people actually thought you deserved this! I hope you feel better soon! Go to your head of section or principal? How can she fail you for that? It's not like you knowingly and maliciously contracted an illness...

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Meh, bitch somewhere else if you don't like people saying first (like maybe....not a free public forum? Just a suggestion). :) Jealous.

Your director's a cunt! I wouldn't take that class next year unless you can really put up with the BS.

Oh yes 'LadyKaya' I'm ever so jealous that you got first comment. My life is pretty much over. "Today, I got beat to first comment on a fml post. FML" D: Ohno.

lady Kaya didn't say first and everyone goes off on her

stop fighting, #10. god, can nobody get along? holy shit.