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By  JR7ISME  |  18

if I were you, I'd tell him respectfully to move on to the actual educational bit because I'm sure your school fees are sky high in today's economy

By  nyaworld  |  7

I used to have a teacher that told us random crap in class. She would then put questions on the exam about these things to see if we pay attention in class.

By  Jellybellybeanz  |  22

Those are the best teachers. You can sit there and do nothing in class!! Unless he's one if those teachers that tries to cram it all in the day before the test and then everyone fails....

  Indianboy9321  |  25

I had teachers that actually made learning fun. These types of teachers turned out to be the ones that were hated because they still gave hard tests on material they never covered..


Ok, maybe "best" was a strong word to use. They were just better than the teachers who suck at teaching and were really boring. The ones who made learning fun were the best, I realize that. But it is nice every once in a while, to take a break in school and just listen to your teacher tell stories.

  minauto  |  15

I used to love my precal teacher because he was like that...until my first semester of college when I realized I was nowhere near qualified to take calc. Kudos for trying to learn though!

  meli1195  |  31

I once had a math teacher who would expect us to know almost everything already just because she assumed everyone had been in her class the year before, which i hadn't been, and whenever I tried asking for help she wouldn't explain and would just go back to her ipad and the day of the test she'd sometimes show us new material that was on the test and so it was terrible.... But she was a "cool" teacher