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Today, my swimming coach made us swim fifty laps non-stop as punishment for his previous class being unable to swim a drill properly. They're 8-11 year olds who are still learning to swim. I feel like my arms and legs are filled with lead. FML
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KingCeltic77 18

What an ass. Either way he's the teacher, it's his fault they can't swim.

ciumegu 6

Look on the bright side at-least you are building some muscle


KingCeltic77 18

What an ass. Either way he's the teacher, it's his fault they can't swim.

Well obviously it's PARTLY his fault but the kids Will take their time to learn so cut the man some slack.

Hi, I'm a horrible coach who can't teach 11 year olds how to float, so I'm going to take out my failure on you guys. but seriously, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger everyday.

Oh god, I could imagine! Find a new teacher!

Sounds like my swim coach. "2500 breast stroke. If you don't complete it by the end of practice, your going to do an extra 1000 butterfly." For those who don't know, a 2500 is 104 laps nonstop. Or 102, not quite sure. I'm quite used to it though, and I don't mind, he switched around the strokes, so...

37, a 2500 is a max of 100 laps, assuming you're swimming 25m lengths. Although, my practices consist of 50m laps, so that would be a total of 50 laps. I know the feeling, our coach makes us swim a 3000 free for time.

Damn donkeys are corrupting society!

Swimming 50 laps isn't hard at all...

116 it's really nothing. My practices consist of 4-6 miles each (2 hours) which I do back to back after school with dryland inbetween. 50 laps really isn't much.

I don't really see anything wrong with making you guys swim more. Its only making you a better swimmer. Don't like swimming that much? Get off the team.

That's 100 lengths that's only 50 laps that is way easy I can do that In like 45 minutes

I feel your pain completely. One time when one kid was one minute late for practice, my coach made us all swim 12x200 fly on 2:55. It was so bad that after the 10th it didn't bother me because my body felt numb :/

Also, #24 you have no idea what you're talking about. If you don't swim you can't say that. Doing that much swimming continuously as punishment probably took away from time of their main set, which is prepared everyday to a certain goal. So it was probably really just a waste of time and probably just tired them out.

ciumegu 6

Look on the bright side at-least you are building some muscle

Your profile picture. It's just... How do I put it. GAY.

ciumegu 6

You might of misunderstood my first comment I meant him and he stated that the class before him were 9 year olds.

14- Congratulations, you look like a moron.

I've wondered how so many people on FML can afford an iPhone but not a shirt...

2- obviously photoshopped pic ... Believe me I have photoshop and one of the options is to make fake abs LOL

171 - and obviously yours are fake curves since I could apply them in 2 minutes using the liquify tool. Right?

171- To be honest, your picture looks way more photoshopped than his does. Plus he's not making a fucking duck face.

ciumegu 6

Not photoshopped I'll be happy to post more if you don't believe me:D

Course you would...

That sucks I'm sorry. I hate swim coaches like that they are idiots.

I guess you've been exposed to many swim coaches of that kind?

My old swimming teacher was Derren Brown's (magician) dad. That's ny claim to fame. Now thumb me down bitches, I don't give a shit, I can swim!!!

I've been swimming for 10+ years and I have had amazing coaches and terrible ones. I just call op a pussy. This is how you get great. Regardless of who's "fault" it was stop complaining and do it. Isn't that why you are there? To get better.

Llama_Face89 33

105- I think they should have done MORE! You're doing that much already just make it a 1650.

105- That's pretty awesome that you're gonna be in Rio 2016. And yes, I did creep your profile.

154- don't believe everything you read. Selection for the Olympics is a few months before the start of the games.. This guy could be any old chump claiming to go the Olympics. It would be interesting to see his profile in 4 years time.. Good luck to him anyway

105- which swim team are you on? I am 14 and I swim in the senior group ( with 17-18 year olds) for my club because I'm pretty good too if I do say so myself. Also 105, have you made senior nats?

169- I would have made senior Nara this year had my shoulder not fallen apart and had to have surgery on it. Ah well you get dealt what you do I'm back on it now though

That coach is a dick.

I didn't know penises could coach swim teams, let alone swim.

For future reference, #83, you're supposed to say "I didn't know penises could swim, let alone teach swim class". The harder activity goes after.

Wow, that's unfair.

cassidy0922 6

At least you got a lot of practice in.

I love you profile pic ❤❤

cassidy0922 6

Thank you!

If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger.

I guess it builds character?

19- nah, polio can kill you. btw, i think he meant it makes you stronger-willed.

I've never heard of a case where polio killed. Would you please enlighten me?

26- about ten percent of patients died because it paralyzed their breathing muscles. (may they rest in peace)

I'll have to learn more about this. Sounds like an interesting subject. Not the killing part.

StayClassyLassy 6

Polio killed John F. Kennedy.

My Aunt in 1979! How's that?

StayClassyLassy 6

I meant Franklin D. Roosevelt! So embarrassed.

perdix 29

And if it kills you, it doesn't matter anymore.

187- aids does kill people, but just slowly. (srry if i've offended anyone)

soccergurrll 8

Ok Kelly clarkson! Haha. No? Ok. I'll just go in the corner now...

Throw your coach in the pool and make him do laps.

soccergurrll 8

Tell him to get his ass in the water and swim 50 laps

50 laps is nothing.