By anon - United States - Northbrook
Today, my step-sister told me that she was getting married to her girlfriend next summer. At a big family brunch, I made a toast to their marriage. I didn't know that my step-mom didn't know they were dating in the first place, or that she was severely homophobic. FML
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  Bliepje  |  22

it is her fault.... it is her stepmom and stepsister. How can she not know that stuff?! i think ur very disconnected with ur dad and his family (and therefore urs) if u dont know stuff like that

By  EcoAirWarrior  |  7

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  PhoenixChick  |  26

I'm not being mean or judgmental, just nosy- what do you mean by moral grounds? The only objections I've heard are religious ones, I'm just curious if there are others. Just genuinely trying to understand the other point of view. :)


what moral grounds? homosexuality exists. It is a sexual orientation. It does not matter if you disagree with it (although what there is to disagree with I am not sure) because it exists. that's like saying you disagree with shovels. It makes no sense.

By the way, when you talk about 'disagreeing with homosexuality' that is telling an entire group of people you don't tolerate them because of YOUR ideas about how they should be. That is homophobic.

  dyne808  |  34

if you disagree with homosexuality that makes you homophobic... you cant have your cake and eat it too, either you disagree with homosexuality and acknowledge that your homophobic or you believe in equality for same sex couples and make an effort to not be homophobic.

Honestly half the time i dont give a flying fuck if someone holds a shitty belief but it makes me fucking pissed when people will claim a belief then go back on it and pull some random excuse out of their ass cause they dont want backlash!

"Black people just aren't as smart as white people but I'm not racist it's just my opinion uwu~" This is what you sound like...

If you don't want backlash for your opinion just don't post it in the first place!

  AKFusion  |  12

I, too, am interested to hear your "moral grounds" reasons. Please, explain why it is wrong for two consenting individuals to marry and don't use any tired religious tropes or slippery slope fallacies.

  chosha_fml  |  25

#11 There are no moral grounds for disagreeing with a naturally occurring sexual orientation. It makes about as much sense as taking a moral stance against left-handedness.