By MsAnonymous17 - United States
  Today, my step-dad was talking about how he was raised in Las Vegas, telling stories about him and his buddies, until he stopped, looked right at my mom and said, "Find her, feed her, f*ck her, forget her. But I never forgot your mom, that's how I stole her from your dad." FML
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By  Skarkie321  |  18

It's kinda romantic...

  flockz  |  19

yes going to a casino and scoping out women as if they were a prize, objectifying them and fucking them just for the sex, which in this case sounds like it broke up a marriage in the process, and forgetting them afterwards is romantic. fuck flowers, chocolates, and nice dinners. men, this is how we get the women.

  flockz  |  19

sure in a sense. i'm not denying it. but the difference is this is FML and i'm not here to pick up women. i'm just responding to the previous comment on what her idea of romance is. i would never treat my girlfriend the way that the step dad does in the FML.

  kathryn14  |  19

This FML seems so me as though the stepdad is pointing out that op's mom made him change his ways. That's how I read it, so I was surprised to see all these comments. Obviously the affair part wasn't romantic, but I thought what he said was sweet. That he just couldn't forget about her and she changed him. Am I wrong? This FML sort of confused me.

  Mortoli  |  30

That's what women go for these days so sad lol I swear was the women's rights movement worth a damn now? Now the age of true gentleman gone to hell lol

  ironichalibut  |  24

Let's play a game of debate club!
Topic: nurture vs nature
In my opinion this is a case of nurture over nature. The stepdad mentions that because he was raised in las Vegas, he has the qualities he does now. Science is also unsure of the part played by genes in the formation of our egos. There's still a chance for it to be nurtured into OP yet.

  Soloman212  |  28

28: Valid point, although the fact that this FML was written implies that OP has already been nurtured by their original father, and already has grains going against those of their step-dad, and so is probably more resistant to picking up on his attitude and personality than if they had grown up his birth child. Although it still isn't the genes that really matter in my example.

36: I don't think you quite get what that award is for.


Everyone, I'm a biology major, I am aware that this is not a purely genetic thing. It was just a joke. And really, most biologists agree that most behavior is influenced by genetic and environmental factors.