By unsuspcted - 17/11/2009 22:58 - United States

Today, my son told me to grow a pair and ask my girlfriend of a year and a half to marry me. He is 7 years old. FML
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artifactoid 0

you raised one baller of a son.

Your son is fucking awesome.


You deserve it, nub.

wiserman 0

i'm almost positive he overheard your gf say that.

Sun_Kissed18 25

oo didn't even think of that! That's a new way to hint at your boyfriend ;)

Probably not great for the kid, though...

How the hell does he deserve it? Who gets married after 1 1/2 years? 0_o

haha agreed

I got engaged after 1&1/2 years and I'm happily married, thank you. It doesn't take that long to know whether you can spend the rest of your life with someone or not.

#28: Although I agree with your statement- No one cares.

#78, just because you felt you were ready to be married, it doesn't mean that the OP is, or his girlfriend. People need time, especially someone who has lost a spouse, which seems to be the case here. If it was death, you want to make sure all of those demons are gone before you hitch up again, but if it was divorce, it may take time to allow yourself to trust someone that much again.

dethstruk 0

umm people who waited 5 years before getting married have marital problems you waited a year and a half... hes gonna cheat on you

maybe he owns a veggie garden and wanted a "pair" of tomatoes

Herropreez17 0

Cmon people... we can all at least agree that the kid is a win amirite?

#129: agreed!!!

artifactoid 0

you raised one baller of a son.

XD that's punny...

why did anyone thumb #118 down? "grow a pair [of balls]" baller of a son. baller is a compliment. therefore, it is punny.

what a smartass

ihavenoideawho 0

that kid needs a slap

Skull_300 0

I'd tell the little Fucker to "Shut the Fuck up, and mind his Barney watching business!"

misscourtenayyxx 0

What 7 year old do you know that watches Barney? We're talking about a 1st or 2nd grader here; not a pre-schooler.

how many 7 year olds do you know? youre creepin me out man.

I hope you don't take his advice.

NEVER GET MARRIED on the other hand, maybe you should think about growing a pair....

greenltrn2003 0

Yeaah I think its hilarious how mostly all the women are saying he should. Marriage is overrated...always seemed like an outdated concept


well i bet ur son saw ur wife divorce YOU and not stand up 4 urself and might think ur weak or something.

Drewsius 0

Haha! GEORGIA!! That explains it all... :)

ok this isnt a fyl this is a win! what an awesome kid!

Your son is fucking awesome.

i fail to see how this is a bad thing. that kid is really freakin' cool.

Well, he doesn't mind having her as a step mum, which is good since many kids resent their parents getting remarried.

He won't mind having her as a step-mum until a few years from now when she's made his life hell and he's old enough to understand what a manipulative bitch she is. Then, of course, it'll be too late.

#47 not all stepmoms are bitches like urs..