By Anonymous - 04/12/2010 06:50 - Singapore

Today, my son told his teacher that she "has a nice rack." He's four. FML
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And now where did he hear such a phrase and know how to use it?


i would like to buy your son a beer, because he just became a man!

nice, a ladies man already.

he's learning early

and she can't even slap him, because he is 4! hah.

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kids say the darndest things. he probably overheard you and your spouse in bed. tone it down next time :)

hahaha what a pimp little kid.

ed057 2

kids don't lie, how old is his teacher? :)


I'm sure the kid was talking about the coat rack where the students hang their coats...they must of painted it or

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Yum ?

Hey guys, have you ever stopped to think that maybe it's a case of "monkey see, monkey do"? While it's possible the kid fully understood what he said, it's also possible he'd seen some male figure in his life say that to a lady. He may have thought it was an appropriate compliment, and said it because he looked up to the guy who said it.

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Come on the kid just could have noticed the new coat rack that the teacher had gotten. Or he was talking about her nice tits.

my pic has a nice rack(s)

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COAT rack! COAT rack!

I don't get what's wrong with this?

had to learn it somewhere...

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Learn early. Learn early.

wow a kid who wants peace in the middle east. a bright future that one.

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Rack = Breast. Now do you see what's bad about this?

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Goddammit 59

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59 you fucked up!!

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tsk tsk tsk

he's gonna be a pimp.


Great job on teaching your son. A gentleman and a scholar.

And now where did he hear such a phrase and know how to use it?

Probably from her husband... which begs the question why does he say that often enough for the kid to pick it up and know how to apply it.

exactly. where else could he have heard it from?

yourmurderscenex 13

hahaha that's hilarious. i don't know what i would do if my son did that.

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maybe he was talking about the coat rack??? gimmie some jackets!!! mhmm


Yeah he was going to take off his jeans and jack-it.

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^ Total win! =D

Schizomaniac 24

It'd be a win if it wasn't taken from an album name.

or if it wasn't about a 4 year old little boy

Jacket off! Jacket Off!

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Another candidate for the introduction of a "This is actually win" button.

Maybe he heard your husband say that about you! Kids these days.

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He's learning fast :p