By Anonymous - 01/02/2012 19:35

Today, my son sprayed our white couch with Febreze. This would have been great, were the "Febreze" not actually black spray paint. FML
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Now all you gotta do is get white spray paint.

Yarrachel 16

Spray the rest of it and you'll have a black couch. Black is classy.


First comment!

Ouch... most of it can wash out but there might be a stain left over

Have you tried washing spray paint off a sofa?

Why would she wash it? She got a black sofa for free. Pretty good deal.

op I will pay 50 million for this piece of installation art

kalejaxson 5

So OP pretty much lied when she said he sprayed their couch with Febreze? Cuz it wasn't Febreze, it was black spray paint. Or does Febreze come in black spray paint flavor now? ... so confused

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#38 - What are you talking about? OP lying? Flavored air fresheners? The fuck?

ThisIsMyReign 4

38 - Since when did febreze or spray paint have different flavors?

38- Because spray paint is a flavour isn't it?

38-Have you been drinking Febreeze because that might explain your stupid comment?

38, good grief. OP meant the son thought the spray paint was Febreze. He thought he was spraying the couch with air freshener.

dcg1375 7

124- refer to comment 3. Sub comment 66. It's not their point. But seriously?

worst. screen. name. ever. :( lol thanks to yu i lost :(

Oh are you talking to me? Well then you are most certainly welcome!

38 so...Spray paint and air freshener are flavored? You would know, right?

49- And since when was black a flavor?

Good luck cleaning! Sorry OP!

dcg1375 7

Why is black spray paint in the same place that Febreeze would be? And how old is your son? Hopefully a toddler that has no clue what the difference between a Febreeze bottle and a spray can. Which brings up the question, if he's that young then WHY do you have spray paint in his reach??

chell1894 13

Who in their right mind gets a white couch? Now that's the real question.

SugarCrazy 14

118, Especially with a kid either young enough, or stupid enough to mistake black spray paint for Febreeze.

Now all you gotta do is get white spray paint.

Babydoll4ever 7

Wouldn't that make grey?

Maybe OP should mix all the colors and then it will turn white. Except with paint it turns shit brown.

kewlkate 9

Or any other color. Abstract art, It's the new thing!

Norsk_Emily 8

Or make a "Darkness, Redness and Whiteness" couch.

I personally vote for painting it neon purple, but that's just me

MyLifeIsWierd 12

Hello fellow tobuscus fan!

Gotta love Tobuscus!

Agree with 40. Or jus black and white! Say its modern art Thats how most fads get started.

@32 Someone doesn't understand how colors work.

Link5794 18

Audience? What are you doing in this comment thread? Don't you know comments are one of the top ten causes of reading in America?

He should have been more careful :/ maybe spray paint smells like febreeze to him?

"Warning, keep away from children", could have prevented this. YDI.

SW500 13

Well, I have always found the smell of paint delightful.

29, I'm guessing you don't have kids. My brothers get into stuff they shouldn't all the time, even though it's put away up high. Sometimes it just doesn't work.

This has nothing to do with having kiss or not. It's simple common sense. Similarly, if a child gains access to the knife drawer and stabs themself or someone else, it's the fault of the moron who gave such easy access to it in the first place. Unless that child is 15. Get it?!

i guess spraypaint can help remove ordors by killing your braincells or something. ah got to love that feeling.

Well thats not gunna come out ..

Your sons a dumbass

its pronounced "Dumas"

traze 7

Do explain how you came to the conclusion of him being a dumb ass, please?!

Same way i think you're a dumas #112

Beat his ass. The kid needs discipline. I never did crap like that as a kid.

XTheDesertSongX 17

It was an accident.. Calm the fuck down.

desireev 17

Yeah.. Beat a child for a completely innocent mistake and accident! That's a fuckin great idea!! Dumbass..

I'm so sure you're SO perfect, aren't you? Let's be hateful to this kid because he's a KID and BY MISTAKE did something he did not mean. Idiot.

Silvergraze is right. That's why a lot of kids today are messed up. Parents let the kids do whatever they want with no repercussions

taytaylal 11

I dont agree that this kid should be beat, but he should have some punishment. If OP doesn't do anything about this, this kid will be like majority of kids today.

Hey, everyone, lets go beat the hell out of 9 for saying "ass"

tell me why he had a spray paint can in the first place? kinda stupid parents for not putting it up high in the first place o_o it has chemicals you knowwww he could've sprayed it in his mouth if yous all think oh wow it's a kid they don't know what to dooo it's an accidenttt

Kypopz 9

9, please don't have kids.

I agree to a point with 9 I'm 17 and I think parents should bring back the switches and paddles and such .don't beat them just let them know there's going to be painful repercussion for there actions

Kid needs discipline. Not a beating. But don't be a panzie and let him get away with it

I mean yeah, it was very bad that he sprayed the couch with black paint, but he thought it was Febreze.. And anyway even if it was on purpose why the f... would you beat a kid for that. I mean dude come on

Yarrachel 16

Spray the rest of it and you'll have a black couch. Black is classy.

Yeah I agree with u there mate, only problem is spray paint tends to make the fabric go ugly looking

I smell a scholarship to Harvard!

xStaciexLynnx 15

I think that's just the paint fumes...

I smell paint thinner

And I smell...... Dam this paint really does get you high

SugarCrazy 14

What does a Harvard scholarship smell like, exactly?

And I smell some ass whooping