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  kalejaxson  |  5

So OP pretty much lied when she said he sprayed their couch with Febreze? Cuz it wasn't Febreze, it was black spray paint. Or does Febreze come in black spray paint flavor now? ... so confused

  dcg1375  |  7

Why is black spray paint in the same place that Febreeze would be? And how old is your son? Hopefully a toddler that has no clue what the difference between a Febreeze bottle and a spray can. Which brings up the question, if he's that young then WHY do you have spray paint in his reach??

  Link5794  |  18

Audience? What are you doing in this comment thread? Don't you know comments are one of the top ten causes of reading in America?

  OhHushDear  |  11

29, I'm guessing you don't have kids. My brothers get into stuff they shouldn't all the time, even though it's put away up high. Sometimes it just doesn't work.


This has nothing to do with having kiss or not. It's simple common sense. Similarly, if a child gains access to the knife drawer and stabs themself or someone else, it's the fault of the moron who gave such easy access to it in the first place. Unless that child is 15. Get it?!

  lionlvr  |  9

I'm so sure you're SO perfect, aren't you? Let's be hateful to this kid because he's a KID and BY MISTAKE did something he did not mean. Idiot.

  taytaylal  |  11

I dont agree that this kid should be beat, but he should have some punishment. If OP doesn't do anything about this, this kid will be like majority of kids today.

  Characterise  |  0

tell me why he had a spray paint can in the first place? kinda stupid parents for not putting it up high in the first place o_o it has chemicals you knowwww he could've sprayed it in his mouth if yous all think oh wow it's a kid they don't know what to dooo it's an accidenttt

  sivadet  |  3

I agree to a point with 9 I'm 17 and I think parents should bring back the switches and paddles and such .don't beat them just let them know there's going to be painful repercussion for there actions

  greentiger  |  5

I mean yeah, it was very bad that he sprayed the couch with black paint, but he thought it was Febreze.. And anyway even if it was on purpose why the f... would you beat a kid for that. I mean dude come on