By WasteOMoney - 04/07/2011 01:50 - United States

Today, my son called me from medical school, asking for a new phone. Why? Because he dropped it in the toilet. How? Trying to videotape his anus while taking a dump. I pay $80,000 a year just to hear he took a dump on his phone. FML
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sounds like he is a genius

Well, his education and your money are both going down the drain. Among other things...


sounds like he is a genius

Yes, he is. The video will end up causing a chain reaction, which in return will pocket him millions. And sadly, this reminded me of 2 girls 1 cup.

except the video didn't happen... he dropped the phone....

i Think his teacher promised him extra credit for fortage of him taking a dump... perverted weird teacher is weirdly perverted.

Sounds like a shitty situation

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he was probably drunk.

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he was probably drunk.

KingGeorgeGal 12

God hopes he never sends you a video..

our health care is going down the toilet. ._.

He's got balls for confronting his mother about it.

hey, maybe he wants to be a proctologist. give the guy some space.

why would he say he was taking a vid of him dumping...if that was me I would've said I was pissing and I got a call an then it fell.

he should of just said he spilt water on it

he's in medical school. I'm sure he did it to learn something about how the anus works. although i'm not sure If it's for research purposes or that he wants a nice big sausage rammed up there

143; it was... it's a bit obvious.

i feel...i feel... I FEEL GOOD! TANANANANANA...

I dunno why but this FML reminds neon the video "2 girls 1 cup"... don't ever watch that video.

KingGeorgeGal 12

33: Sounds like an old joke.

Learn to spell.

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Maybe he was doing his own form of extra credit..

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no I would have done it for this young man ;)

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your comment is so fucked up, wtf

jeffreebitch 0

well I'm fucked up :) what do you expect my child?

fucked up the bum or a different orifice? I'm sorry you have peaked my interest

NO ME GUSTA!!! Jefree please just go away! I'm a sick person and I make wierd comments sometimes but WTF GIRL! You've scared ME.

Med student doing research that's all.

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oh yes! fucked up the bum sounds delightful. :)

jeffreebitch 0

you all just want to get in my pants. ;) come get me boys!

jeffreebitch 0

hey boys. ;)

Well, his education and your money are both going down the drain. Among other things...

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at least the kid is doing something funny instead of being on fml

Dudelike89 8

^^^Lol irony. (lol irony of me posting)

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$80,000 just for that?! I can't imagine what you pay for school.

116, I think your trying to use sarcasm but I don't get it

I see a future scat pornstar.


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your picture is so hypnotizing... @[email protected]

I'm surprised nobody had said something along the lines of "OMG!2girls1cup!LOL!"

I'm surprised you commented on here.

lol maybe that was his homework

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or maybe you were

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Who said medical school?

The FML said Medical school.....

TheBitchOfChuckN 7

The FML.

he had a phone up to his ass... you think he's THAT bright?

...ohkay..hahaha this made me laugh and feel awkward at the same time

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I bet he was trying his new way of a colonoscopy!

at least he's not out getting drunk.

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Of he was, maybe he'd have a working phone.

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The FML doesn't say alcohol was involved, but most intelligent people only act this way when they're under some sort of influence. Of course there are the exceptions...

maybe he was drunk

That is the last reason I could ever think of for someone needing a new phone..

Actually here is the last one: He was trying to shove it up his butt because he lost a bet

I think that was actually fifth..after a previous comment from Mr. Boners about iPhones.....