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Today, my son broke his hand when he and his best friend had the genius idea of punching each other in the fists as hard as they could. FML
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Bloody Knuckles. I haven't played that since I was 10.

It's weird how when we are young we think we are indestructible. It's amazing really how we survive our early years.


Bloody Knuckles. I haven't played that since I was 10.

JoshTheMaggot 8

Mine never turned out bloody, they were always just red. Maybe I didn't play long enough.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

I don't understand why boys play that...why is pain enjoyable or funny?

^Boys like to play chicken with each other. Whoever gives in, first, is the chicken. It pretty much applies to every game boys play growing up.

It's not that it's enjoyable or funny to most of us, it's more of a "who is tougher/higher in the food chain" thing.

I played that too. it was fun. girls cheat when they play though... fucking rings.

seansbro56 10

I broke this kids fingers playing that. I will NEVER play it again!!!

Guess the other kid won then.

BurumaB 2

wow, when I was growing up, the way we played it was you would stack your hands on top of the other with the palms facing together and raise your knuckles up on the top hand and you and your partner took turns plucking each other in the knuckles as hard as you could and the first to draw blood won. Good way to pass the time on bus rides from school and I'm pretty sure no one has ever broken their hand doing this.

I would play "quarters". We would take turns shooting them at each other's knuckles. Whoever gave up last, won. I bled a lot one time, and I still have the scar. Kids just like to seem tough to their friends, OP. I hope he heals, and that he learned some lesson out of this.

seansbro56 10

What i meant was that one time i was playing and this kid broke his finger. So i will never play again.

xxxbooxxx 16

I remember playing that. We always gave in really quick though.

jason0 2

Boys trying to be men... Makes them look stupid rather than manly in my opinion.

To fall while playing ice hockey: Pride hurts more than broken leg

They're kids.. I think they're allowed to be a bit stupid.

My bad. They aren't necessarily kids. The FML made me assume that they were.

It's weird how when we are young we think we are indestructible. It's amazing really how we survive our early years.

It's not about being indestructible it's about being the least destructible of your friends therefore the most "manly"

With lots of parental help. LOTS

WrongRomance 11

Pop a cast on it, and hope that he learns something from it.

But unfortunately, some people never seem to grow common sense. Ever!

379_fml 11

Depending his age and if was his "main" hand he'll learn. Palmela Handerson won't be out of service again

Bloody Knuckles!!! I remember playing that with my big brothers. They must have gone easy on me, because I don't rember any of them having broken my hand.

They went easy on you in fear of your moustache grabbing them and strangling them.

adam_night 9

You miss are a badass

saf99me 16

I remember playing this when I was a friend hit my knuckles once and they broke. :( when you're young, u do stupid things. FYL op

oj101 33

"he and his best friend had the genius idea" - You mean the meme genius?

He's definitely going to be a prominent politician someday.

Kids will be kids.

Bloody knuckles! That game was always fun. Still never lost a game :)