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Today, my social teacher thought it would be a great idea to have a casual debate about Margaret Thatcher and her legacy. Within 10 minutes, the entire class was yelling, screaming, throwing stuff at each other. I got hit in the face with a binder. FML
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For a moment, I thought that said blender, FYL Op.

Soooo it's safe to say she's a sore subject?


Soooo it's safe to say she's a sore subject?

She isnt the only thing thats sore..

Yes that was the pun... Haha

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They always make it seem like Canadians are mellow people ... I guess not

For a moment, I thought that said blender, FYL Op.

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I'd much rather a binder than a blender, but that still sucks. FYL indeed.

Some people... need to chill the fuck out

66-You supposed to be putting on shades during the pause, with a "YEEAAHHHH" afterwards? (Last I heard that was so overused you can't use it seriously and hope to survive a burial.)

Blender? Lol I just giggled cx

why didnt you throw it back ?

Because that would make him a BadApple

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Ouch! I seriously want to know what was said, but I'm afraid it could cause a war in this comment section :3

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Maybe somebody suggested that she got her nickname "Iron Lady" from Iron Man.

Iron Man is a super hero..... Iron Lady... is a command!

Iron Man is also a Black Sabbath song. A damn good Black Sabbath song...

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It is and far too many people have tried to convince me it didn't exist prior to the first Iron Man movie....

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I laughed a little too hard at your comment. :p

She was referred to as the iron lady. In the circumstances, a brawl seems appropriate.

From school cafeteria fight upgrade to class fight

#9 I disagree, I feel that a classroom fight would be a down grade from a cafeteria fight. Because getting hit with an apple or a lunch try would hurt equally, there is just more to get hit with in the cafeteria.

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I never even realized there was controversy surrounding her

If you're not from the UK, you wouldn't understand what she did to this country. She's the worst thing that's happened here since the war.

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25: OP is, presumably, from Canada.

You're 20, tell me how much of an expert you are in 80's politics seeing as you weren't even born while she was pm. She isn't the worse thing to happen since ww2, she privatised because public sector workers were constantly striking, ambulance crews, teachers, doctors, minors, even undertakers... Leaving bodies waiting up to 2 months for funerals. This country was in ruins as these people tried to overthrow the previous government, she made a promise for it to never happen again and that's what got her elected. And did all the public sectors strike again all at once... No. Also she brought 75billion pounds into the economy, while you weren't even alive. So tell me more about your vast knowledge of 80s politics.

Aaand a debate has started already. 37, it is entirely possibile for a 20 year old to know about the politics of the 80s, and actually, as it was kind of a massive deal, it's actually quite hard not to know about it. Plus whether you agree with Thatcher or not, what she did affected millions then, which also affects their families now and has a lasting affect on politics so even if you don't read up on it like many young people do, you may still feel the affects. Try and argue for Thatcher all you want but don't you dare tell me I'm not allowed to have an opinion just because I wasn't there at the time. You think every historian was alive during the period they study? Please.

And on the other side of the coin, someone being alive during that time is no guarantee that they understood or even paid attention to what was going on anyway... :/

Thanks guys. Now I'm getting a better idea what that class room's debate could have been like. Good thing no one has a binder to throw.

How am I telling you that you can't have an opinion? I'm saying you are both 20, where are you getting your knowledge Wikipedia? I'm not saying she was the greatest but she most certainly wasn't the worse thing to happen sing ww2 hello Tony Blair and his war on terror. I was here in the 80s and am well aware of the upset caused. But instead of focusing on the negative things she did caused by her own cabinet how about the positive things she did, like apprentices before John Major abolished all that.

I don't think that's how history works...if you just ignore the negatives and focus on the politics then I'm sure even Hitler seems like a pretty nice guy...liked animals, artist, etc. In any case, I haven't argued that she was 'the worst thing since the war'. I am trying hard not to get into that as I don't think anyone needs another debate. I merely objected to your 'debate tactics', so to speak.

Oh hang on, I just checked you profile and this is pretty good - you describe yourself as 'raised on sega not snes'. Judging from the 'not snes' clarification I'm going to assume you're talking about its competitor, the MegaDrive, which was released over here in 1990. Even earlier Sega consoles only made it over here in the mid-late 80s. So, unless you consider yourself 'raised' by arcade machines, please explain how you can be old enough to have really understood politics in the 80s and yet young enough to have been raised in the late 80s/early 90s? Oh, nevermind, google says your twitter account is RaggleFrock83, so I gonna go ahead and assume you were born in you weren't born when Thatcher came into power and were only about 7 when she left. Kind of broke your own argument, there.

Thatcher was not a good person. She was corrupt and possibly evil. However, her policies prevented Britain from slipping into a period of serious decline, and for that we should thank her.

Um, comment 54, 'politics' should totally be 'positives' btw. I do NOT agree with Hitler's politics, obviously. Whoops.

Why so passive aggressive? How on earth is she in the same league as Hitler? I am mearly saying information taken off wiki and Facebook sites isn't always correct. And yes mega drive rocked, 83 has nothing to do with it at all. As the daughter of a minor who was out of work because of her I think I would know a little more than yourself, a 20 year old.

It depends on who you talk to. Unions (and miners) especially hate her for encroaching on their massive sway in the British government. Basically, if the unions felt like it (and more often than not, they did), they would strike, and the country would shut down. Margaret Thatcher wasn't into that, and promptly privatized most of the industry. That, and the Falklands War of 1982. Argentina invaded the Falklands, which had been owned by Britain since the 1820's. Britain then promptly curbstomped Argentina and retook the Falklands, with minor losses. Argentinians hate her guts, and for some reason more than a few Britons see her as a rampaging warmonger (need I remind them that THEY were the ones being invaded, not Argentina).

I'm 'so passive aggressive' because, even though I never actually claimed to know that much anyway, you refuse to believe that a 20 year old COULD know more or as much as you just because you were alive at that time. If it were just a bit of doubt then fair enough but that you literally will not except any less, I find bizarre. If anything, I think it's more likely that someone my age WOULD know more about the subject as a whole as you seem rather emotionally invested - if you really are the daughter of a minEr then it's unlikely you'll ever be able to have an unbiased view. Also, although I'm sure many people DO think she was worse or as bad as Hitler, I didn't say they were in the same league at all, I just used him as an extreme example of why you can't only look at positives and ignore negatives.

Also, why do you keep going back to Wikipedia, and now Facebook? Do you honestly think that those are the only ways young people obtain information? I don't know about you and your friends but most people I know talk to people, read newspapers, read books and journals, go to museums, etc. I sometimes use Wikipedia but always check references on important things and I don't think I'd ever use facebook for 'research'...

Sorry, that was a typo. Probably like your 'accept' misuse. I do hope you're planning a career politics, madam. Ok, you know more than I on the subject than I, because I'm emotional :/ Hitler caused 11 million plus deaths, that's no where near how many Thatcher caused. Alas, she is dead... Like this conversation.

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I know nothing of her politics, so I won't pretend I do. However, it is entirely possible for a younger generation to study and understand a subject without having been present to witness it unfold. It may give a different perspective or understanding, but the facts are still the facts. Just because I wasn't present when the Nazis invaded Eastern Europe doesn't mean that I can't study the topic and understand that it was bad and gain information about some of the things that happened. The same goes for studying past leaders of my country and of the politics and history or other countries. Everyone will have a different opinion in politics and history, that's just the way it is. Some have more facts and information to back them up than others, but there are always two sides to every story. I think your argument was very well-phrased, doodlecloud

bamagrl410 31

*of other countries. Dammit.

I take my hat off to you! I'm impressed.

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Damn, doodlecloud raped this conversation. Post 61 especially. Want some ice with that burn, Raggle?

#10 You have no idea how to take in information and communicate, do you?

well she was one of the most influential British leaders in the 20th century and sh-WANKER! *THWACK* fuck! who carries around a high school economics book??

If I had to pick, being hit with an econ book would be my choice. They're the smallest books my high school had, besides foreign language and grammar books.

-"Brick killed a guy. Did you throw a trident? -"Yeah, there were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident." -"Brick, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. You should find yourself a safehouse or a relative close by. Lay low for a while, because you're probably wanted for murder."

great movie friend, just not now

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I lold. Don't listen to the hater tots.

#39- I'm glad I made you lol. As soon as I read the line, "I was hit in the face with a binder," I read it exactly how it's said in Anchorman: "Brick killed a guy. Did you throw a trident?"