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  Judus_beej  |  0

we taught my son to tell an old lady in our building to fuck off because she keeps poking him whenever she sees him. we've asked her multiple times to stop. kids gotta say stuff like that to get grown ups to listen to them sometimes.

  FantasticFin  |  0

hey number 28, before I say anything I'm a straight chick, but I just wanted to say you have a nice body, how often do you work out? are you on a diet or anything?:)

  Mehness  |  0

Oh look, divine modtervention. Anyways, that kid is seriously a brat. Not all kids think that at some time... just some, like OP's there. I agree with other comments I've seen: Tell her she's going to look like you when she grows up >:)

  Tessa39  |  0

215- this dumbass not teaching her child manners shouldn't be a reason to hate kids.
they can be awesome.

OP... only 6??? my 3 year old sister knows better... sheesh.

  ecfrost  |  4

I was thinking the same thing. At 6 she had to learn it somewhere. However, at 6 there could be a friend or a teacher influencing that mindset too (or the other parent).

  dre_bro11  |  12

nothing NYC to worry bout there OP. if she thinks ur ugly, and she's ur daughter, she's bound to get some of her looks from you. just saying :/

  fruzz  |  0

you havent seen curly until you've seen my hair it's soo annoying haha...consider yourself hair takes 2 hours to straighten !! haha

  Cyosaric  |  0

What's wrong with curly hair? You gay? Is he not totally BR001AL with curly hair? I listen to black/funeral doom metal. A genre hair Nazi would get his ass kicked in.

  starile  |  19

Yeah, because she inherited her mother's genes, not because of karma.

You tell her not to worry, that her kid will be ugly too, but what parent WANTS their young child to turn out ugly?

  0___0  |  9

That's when you repeatedly smack her in the face until she cries, "Stop, it hurts!"
Then you tell her, "I thought ugly people didn't have feelings." It's a great learning opportunity.