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  lex1459  |  38

Something along the lines of him being the worlds biggest bully who did some very, very mean things that they would learn about in school when they were older. I gave their parents a heads up when they got home in case the girls brought it up again, but it doesn't sound like they ever did!

  lex1459  |  38

#8 I was going to say that he killed a lot of people, but they still fear the monsters under the bed, they don't need to fear the ones in the real world just yet.

  NickACD  |  27

You could have told them he killed himself though. I mean kids that young may not understand death entirely and fear he may be alive. Just Saiyan

By  amberthebear  |  7

that's adorable! I remember as a child saying something similar. I also got into an argument with a waitress after I said I wanted "poultry" and she called it "chicken". I didn't know the difference lol.

By  91hayek  |  31

He needs to learn where he gets his food from. Not just this but also foods that he takes for granted like juice and tater tots, you'll be surprised at how convoluted the production of food has become.

  Colon_Man  |  17

A farmer had some city folks out to his place a while back.
He grabbed a couple of stick onions out of the ground and handed them to the city folks.
They didn't want to eat them because, "they came out of the ground".

  Aubade_fml  |  2

I don't get why this comment is getting so many dislikes? Yeah, you don't need to teach a child that his orange juice is kept in a airtight container for a year and then filled with flavouring, but teach him it comes from oranges, which grow on trees. Teach him while he eats. It's not hard, it's not too difficult for kids to comprehend. Meat is obviously more difficult, but it should be.
I grew up in the country, we didn't have a farm but a garden. My dad never bullshitted me, he would take me 'round the neighbours house, and explain everything I had questions about. I knew early on brown cows don't produce chocolate milk, but we still laughed about it (mostly 'cause others believed it, but still..).