By Anonymous - 14/12/2016 12:06

Today, my sister, who has "borrowed" almost nine hundred dollars from me over the last few months, told me I was pathetic for not having my driver's license yet and that I "wasn't normal". I was saving that money for my driving lessons. FML
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Your sister needs to quit saying such gibberish and pay you back so you can get your license.

Tell her you've lent her your $900 of driving lesson money! (If necessary, make her sign an IOU next time she wants money.) Don't get confrontational about it though; keep a good sense of humor.


well are you normal?

Your sister needs to quit saying such gibberish and pay you back so you can get your license.

As cold-hearted as it seems, in this situation I wouldn't treat her differently from anyone else who stole money from me.

Jord_Fox 14

What did she want that made you give 900 in a few months?

I think she stole it. That's what "borrowed" means when it's in quotation marks.

She probably meant that her sister asked to borrow the money, but hasn't paid it back (and it's becoming clear that she probably has no intention to do so).

why are you paying for driving lessons? Your parents can't teach you for free? No friends?

Depends on where you live. In my country, official driving lessons are obligatory and cost around 1000$. You can't just ask someone to teach you and then go take the test :(

In some places, if you get driving lessons, you can be eligible for lower insurance premiums and they provide a car for the road test. You have to take the test in a certain kind of car or you are disqualified and have to reschedule the test.

Not everyone is that lucky. I didn't start driving until I was 23 and had enough money to take driving lesson s. I didn't have any friends in the area, my father drives a company vehicle and an unlicensed driver CANNOT drive it or he could risk losing his job, and my mother would get into hysterics within 5 minutes of me being behind the wheel, screaming things like "OH MY GOD, DID YOU EVEN LOOK WHEN YOU TURNED?" and distracting/scaring me.

In the US, Driver's Education is part of the high school curriculum - a class you are expected to take. OMG Wait. Is this the single, solitary instance of the American educational system including something for free that other more social-services-intensive countries actually charge their citizens to learn?

Schools offer driver's ed but not for free. At least not in the states I've lived in.

@20 my school never did drivers ed

You had to pay to take Drivers Ed in my school.

20, I'm from the United States, Arkansas to be exact. it was an elective, not a requirement. Sucks to suck, I guess. my parents taught me for free.

@20 I live in the United States (Wisconsin) and not only do you have to pay for it at my school, it's not an elective, it's only taught after school, and they only let 15 to 20 people take the class at a time.

I'm in Texas, and you had three options. Take the class at the school after hours, pay for an at home video kit so your parents could teach you, or pay to go to a class that had videos, practice tests, and took you driving.

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#20 I'm in Los Angeles & it is not offered at all through high school here. It used to be when my dad was in school but it was cut years ago. However here, you only have to take official driving lessons if you're under 18.

#20, I moved around a lot and none of my high schools even offered driver's education. Not everyone's friends/family have the time to teach them. Also a lot of people who can drive are actually fairly bad at it or at least at teaching someone, so it can be a lot safer to learn from a professional teacher that won't scream or teach incorrect driving.

Most countries in the western world require proffesionals to teach with specially modified cars instead of a random relative in a normal car. The cost of it vary from 500,- to 2000,- easily. It has some downsides like the higher cost but I like to think that it explains the much higher allowed speeds compared to the USA

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I'm also in WI. Not only do we have to pay for the driving classes but only a certified instructor, your legal guardian, or a spouse that's been driving more than 2 years is allowed to teach you.

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My brother had to do the same. We lived in Green Bay when he was 16. It was required he go to driving school before getting his permit because he was under 18. I was 16 in California and only had to study at home to get my permit.

In Maryland, driver's ed is a requirement, and the price depends on the school. The problem is that in Montgomery County, they don't offer it in the high schools.

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Do driving lessons really cost that much? I took drivers ed through my school and it only cost around $50 and you are taught all the rules and you get driving lessons .

Depends entirely on the country. In my country (Germany) you can expect to pay 1500-2000 € for the whole thing.

In Maryland, specifically Harford County my parents paid around $300 for drivers ed.

Idk, my school never offered drivers ed. I had to take lessons from them personally and it was over $1000.

I think it was over $400 for me, and that was for a program offered through my high school. Private courses probably cost more. It's a big deal for a lot of people!

Illinois here! Taught at the local high school and we don't pay a dime. Guess why Illinois is broke?

Well one thing to be grateful for is that hopefully since it costs a lot it helps to keep bad drivers off the road.

#29- The courses aren't required in order to get a license, just suggested. The more expensive the classes are, the fewer people will take them, and the more dangerous the roads will be. Not ideal.

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ya I'm in Canada and it could be entirely different in another part of Canada.

Driving lessons are around $900 here and high schools don't offer it. Probably because insurance is very expensive here because we constantly have tourists and people from everywhere driving around.

Make your "sister" teach "you" to drive so you can be "normal" and make "her" repay the "money" "she" "stole."

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did you lend your sister money or not? I'm not sure if the quotation marks mean she stole it without you knowing or that you lent her money and she is refusing to pay you back now... if it's the former, tell your sister to pay back within a certain time frame or you will call the cops. it might seem cold, but that shit ain't right and she could end up stealing from someone dangerous... plus it sounds like your sister isn't a child and thus know what she is doing wrong and that consequences will follow. if not, welp, you now have the power to teach her it. if it's borrowing gone wrong, I have no idea how that works but you should have stopped after she didn't pay you back the first time. but I'd hope their would be legal implications to a loan gone wrong, unofficial one.. Also, if you and your sister live together, I'd keep money on the bank and get a credit card (you can keep thr credit card in your wallet or whatever but HIDE the debit card as if your sister finds that, those charges would be harder to dispute than with a credit card.) One last thing. Are your parents aware of this? This sounds like "family meeting" material... Also your parents should know that your sister steals or does not pay loans so they don't have the same thing happen to them. Also if you all live together, I think your parents would have more leverage to get her to pay you back. Though if your parents dote on your sister and try to tell you not to call the cops, even if they offer to pay you off, I'd personally call the cops anyways. But if rely living under your parents roof then I'd maybe just accept their money and ask for a door that can lock on the outside (with a key) for your room as an ultimatum to not call the cops. money doesn't grow on trees and you don't deserve to be stolen from. you earned that money. I'd also want my expensive possessions safe from a thief as well just in case so I'd really look into a change to your room door. Also, your sister sounds like a total bitch. and an entitled one that. or else she would have paid you back. you deserve better than that, OP, and I hope this all evens out into more in your favor. good luck!

Actually his sister kinda sounds like she's addicted to something and needs help. Unless OP knows for certain where this money is going.

Only you really cares about you OP. Everyone else will screw you over.