By ugly - 26/06/2011 07:02 - United States

Today, my sister told me not to come over anymore because her baby is scared of my face. FML
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Did the baby tell her that? No? Then she has no proof.

That is what brown bags are made for- don't forget the eye slits. just a suggestion...


sorry op. that sucks.

eminemchick 19

then dont make that "FUUUUU--" face.-_-

That's mean. Even if she is mad at you, its still not acceptable.

uglyyness 0

i know the feeling:(

upstartzero 0

the brown paper bag technique could help you out here...(I know I probably spelled technique wrong but don't eat me please grammar Nazis! D:)

Gross2332 0

OP's sister is just jealous of OP being liked more

fthislyfe 22

its nothing to be upset about. and it doesn't mean you're ugly! when i was a kid i used to be scared of teddy bears but that doesnt mean they're ugly! kids are like that...

tanjoodo 3

It's OK. My aunt uses me to scare her 2 year old daughter into doing what she wants her to do.

You know, many siblings actually look alike...

IronMaiden45 0

I used to be scared of my aunt cuz she would always pinch my cheeks

Randuhh_17 4

Maybe you took it wrong...maybe she was just playing with you?.. my sister and I do that all the time...and we say much worse things to each other...and we sound serious about them too. don't take it to heart, get back at her.

Shadow1368 17

Solution: Take off the mask.

OP's username is "ugly" Haha

Did the baby tell her that? No? Then she has no proof.

lionandthelamb61 9

Yeah, because I'm sure the kid screams uncontrollably at the sight of the OP because she is so unbearably beautiful...

Technically, the baby could start crying or screaming and have a really scared expression…

teemooegan 9

um no it's not you op, most babies are just damn well scared of everything. From my guess the baby is a new born? So it's frightened by all these NEW* faces. Your sister is an idiot.

uglyyness 0

a baby can't tell you vocally that they're hungry or tired either. its the physical actions that they do that let us know what they want..or in this case dislike:)

it sucks that your sisters treats you like that but OP dont take is so seriously. its a baby for gods sake.. they get scared by alot of stuff

like those legs in your picture

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Maybe she was jealous that OP could sing a better lullaby than her!!

balest22 0

yeah right... your sister prob made tht up bc she might b made at u

wmashburn 3


Iwashere12345 0

yes, the sister is really 'made' at her. learn how to spell, dumbass

i doubt he couldn't spell it... you know there is something called a typo

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57- while that may be a typo, you never know because of how the rest of the comment is written.

i dont see anything wrong with the rest of the comment... maybe im just so genius that i can read spelling mistakes and grammar errors without having to correct them

balest22 0

iPods these days with auto-correct. sorry bout the guys.

balest22 0

iPods these days with auto-correct. sorry bout the guys.

So auto correct changed "that" into "tht" ?

No. She's just making up excuses.

144 No shit Sherlock ;-?

she could be saying that just to get rid off you, ohwell sucks to be you...

That is what brown bags are made for- don't forget the eye slits. just a suggestion...

lionandthelamb61 9

My thoughts precisely.

she put a bag on my head "still counts"

Suddenly 0

dress up as It. scare baby ???????? PR

Suddenly 0


That's too cold and blunt to be taken lightly... Sorry OP...

Hey balest22 you spelled mad wrong. and I'm very sorry about that

1215116a 14

11, their is a such thing as a reply button...

1215116a 14

10, their is a such thing as a reply button...


1215116a 14

Stupid iPhone messed up TWICE now let's see how many thumbs down I get for a comment that doesn't even offend....

What the f*ck. you don't make any sense.

shite... i meant pikacho or however you spell it


oh aye... cheers

lionandthelamb61 9

I once waited on a family where the father kept a menu propped up in the middle of the table the entire meal as he sat across from his wife and baby. I tried to pick it up at one point but the father stopped me and explained that if the baby saw his face she would start screaming bloody murder. He wasn't ugly, though, he just had a ton of piercings and tatoos and long hair. It does happen.

lionandthelamb61 9

^meant to be a reply to 10.

You know what he meant though so it shouldn't be a big deal. I like it when people spell words right and when they don't use text talk but I don't go around correcting people for the tiniest mistakes.

of you read the thing right it said she probably MADE THAT UP just saayinn'.

1215116a 14

How is a baby scared of someone's face?

1215116a 14

10, their is a such thing as a reply button...

10 well you see their face is shaped in such a way it frightens children

Look on the bright side! At least you can't look any worse!

lionandthelamb61 9

That's probably not true, and if by chance it is, that's a pretty dark bright side.

HappyCynic 0

That really doesn't sound like a very pleasant bright side. Actually, since I rarely go to greet my aunt's kids, she has told them how frightening and evil I am to instill fear in them. Now whenever they see me the little girl tends to run away. So I feel your pain OP, when the kid gets older they'll probably think it was pretty funny or feel bad.