By Anonymous - 28/02/2016 09:15 - Canada - Kamloops

Today, my sister shared a post on Facebook which talked about how gays are destroying the "sanctity of marriage". I couldn't help but point out that she's been married 3 times in the last 7 years, while I've been happily married to my wife for nearly 9. She deleted my comment then blocked me. FML
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It's 2016....people need to learn to accept other people's sexualities by now

In the words of Bronn; There's no cure for bein' a cunt.


Mathalamus 24

That's mean of your sister. On all counts. But I would not have said anything. Her stupidity already demonstrates itself.

tiger820 20

didn't you know you can't call people out on their bullshit!?... even your blood.

It's 2016....people need to learn to accept other people's sexualities by now

If you actually believe that people accept one another in 2016, then let me remind you that the number 1 candidate for america's president is Trump.

Mathalamus 24

The year isn't an indicator of progress.

"It's the current year"

No one needs to accept anything. As long as they aren't preventing gays from getting married they can think and say whatever the hell they want. And that's coming from someone who's bisexual.

Not that I disagree, but people were saying that in the 90's and it was a big deal as we entered a new century, but its been 16 years since then. Obviously, the year is not that important. Its a slow movement, just as with women or people of color, that people will go back and refer to as a movement over a couple of decades primarily, but the work is never really done.

People only hate and discriminate to feel better about their own insecurities. Any smart person would understand that when two same sex people are attracted to each other it in no way impacts anyone else but those two individuals.

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I accept their sexuality. What goes on in your bedroom is none of my business. However, when you start to demand that we allow you to change the definition of marriage, you've gone too far.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Oh noooo, we couldn't let that happen, could we? Equal rights? Treating people with respect and dignity and not denying them basic human rights? Oh no, that sounds like something gay liberal commies would do! You're a fuckin' idiot, 91.

Marriage is between two consenting adults. What is your definition? Is it from the Old Testament that says if a woman must marry her rapist because she is worthless now? Or that a father can sell his daughter to whoever he wishes? Or that if the woman's husband dies she must marry another male in the same family? Get out of here with that mess. Someone else's marriage has ZERO to do with you.

Doesn't accept people? As in illegal immigrants, thus said in the name, illegal? People take everything out of context these days.

"Change the definition of marriage"? A marriage is a, QUOTE HERE, "tThe legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman (or, in some jurisdictions, two people of the same sex) as partners in a relationship:". This is Oxford Dictionaries. There is no "change" in definition. It's applying the definition to others. Nothing's being changed. And I'm taking Oxford's word over yours.

I'm a brony

It's already been changed, woman are no longer property, you can no long abuse or rape your spouse, inter racial marriage is now legal, it goes on.

beyondflight 16

Notice how you claim acceptance, and other people as well by giving this a thumbs up, yet anyone who disagrees with gay marriage gets their comment down voted.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

Probably because no matter what your pointlessly hateful opinion is, there's still no excuse for being such a massive dick that you post anti-gay or anti gay marriage comments on a married gay woman's FML. And that's completely ignoring your retarded "but you have to be accepting of horrific bigots or you're a hypocrite!" argument.

In the words of Bronn; There's no cure for bein' a cunt.

She's a hypocrite, I'm sorry she acted like that given the fact she's family. I hope she'll come to her senses soon and give you an apology.

Good for you, OP. Your sister sounds very judgmental, and you don't need that in your life. Congrats on your happy marriage!

Slap her with sense.

found myself watching and truly enjoying this show called cougar town. main character's dad hit viewers with some truth. "The people we love need to know that we're always on their side. You don't get a free pass just because we share the same blood. Being part of a family is something you gotta earn. Otherwise, to hell with you."

I love to see a mature political argument...

im an LGBT and i said fuck her

Literally or figuratively?

i meant by forgetting about her.

Its 2016... No one gives a fuck whether you want a cock or a vagina.

Or both. Or neither.

Obviously they do care. people need to concern themselves with their own life and start caring less about what others are doing. just ridiculous.