By Anonymous - 22/08/2015 00:29 - United States - Bonita Springs

Today, my sister got promoted to manager at the store we both work at. Since company policy states that siblings can't work at the same store if one of them is a manager, I was let go. FML
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They should have moved you or her to another location.

Honestly OP, it sounds like you could find better places to work anyway.


Honestly OP, it sounds like you could find better places to work anyway.

I was thinking the same thing. I'm sure both of you don't want to be stuck in the same position and not get promoted. So if it wasn't you, it would be your sister which would be unfortunate as well.

Jobs can be hard to come by..A shitty job is better than no job.

And they didn't think of that before?

They should have moved you or her to another location.

That sucks...Sorry OP Hope you find a better job for yourself

I'm sorry OP, If I were in that situation I would most likely decline the promotion so my sister could keep working with me.

She got the promotion. She took it knowing it would lead to them not been able you work there :(

I would think It all depends on the job really, if there was a lot of pressure on the manager to get staff to meet targets, then I would rather work somewhere else than resent my sibling while working

You were out kicked

I wouldn't want to work at a place like that anyway.

They should've thought about that before promoting her.

The way I took it is that they just used that as an excuse to let her go. They had thought about it.

why is that a policy?

It's probably an effort to prevent nepotism within the store, i.e. you're the manager and you hire and give benefits to your sibling because you're related, OR it's so that there are no problems with one sibling being higher up and maybe giving orders to the other sibling.

Exactly this. It's a policy that's got well-rooted intentions but it seems like more of a pain in my ass than anything when I promote someone of a department then find out one of their relatives is now reporting to them. It makes enforcing professionalism marginally harder for relatives with a closer connection but letting someone go is just unacceptable.

In idaho its to prevent favoritism.

We have the same policy at work, and it's a government entity. Generally it's okay if a family member is in another department and not a direct report, but these policies exist to prevent major headaches and lawsuits. Sucks you lost your job, op, but if it's in the policies, you should've been aware of that and been prepared for the worst.