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Today, my sister came to stay with me in my apartment for the last few weeks of her difficult pregnancy. However she didn't tell me she was bringing her two dogs, her jackass of a husband, my bratty nephew and an inflatable kiddie pool so she could have a natural water birth in my living room. FML
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We've all heard of Bridezillas but I didn't know there were Birthzillas.


DyslexicPanda 12

This is easy to solve. Calmly and quietly kick them out into the street.

Just say no. She wants help, fine. The family with her, fine. Even the dogs, fine (sort of). But a pool in the living room!!! Go The **** Home. It's your home, not hers. You actually get to make the rules here, not her. Unless you let her walk all over you.

50- the pool isn't for swimming around in, the sister wanted a natural underwater childbirth. a lot of women are doing that

#65, he knows that. I think the purpose of putting the pool in the living room is irrelevant.

A lot of hospitals are installing jacuzzis in their birthing rooms for this purpose. I understand she wanted to do it "at home", but maybe she should do it at HER home.

I would have told the sister that she needs to go home. Op lives in an apartment, that cannot be comfortable for all those people and animals. If my sister tried to pull that, I would have let her in but told the rest of the people to leave.

You can't kick out a heavily pregnant sister. Buy you can start googling a ton of horror stories about complicated births. There are some good episodes of ER, Grey's Anatomy etc that you could "accidentally" play. By the time a week is up, a home delivery should be the last thing she wants...

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Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

OscarDV 8

what do you do? you swim.. swim.. swim

jem970 19

In floating placenta and blood and other assorted birth fluids... *gag*

There's always gotta be one person who ruins the comments.

We've all heard of Bridezillas but I didn't know there were Birthzillas.

CammyGal 26

Momzillas? (Or Momtobe-zillas).

4 trust me there are. They sometimes are 10 times worse than brides but at least they have more of an excuse.

Patience, OP, patience. She'll be grateful afterwards:)

Doesn't matter how grateful she will be. The sister was not honest. She is abusing her sister's kindness. I would have sent her home. If she has a husband and can manage to bring children, a dog, and a pool, I don't think she is having all that much trouble.

_tequierodianna 14

Well at least you get to bond with them and share a special moment with your sister, but FYL she should have told you all the details of her stay.

It seems that you, OP, are being taken advantage of.

Why couldn't she just do all that at her own home? Or at least have told you about it.

inkdeath87 18

I agree. She's practically moving in to your home! She should have asked you if it was ok to bring all of that stuff, not show up with it without telling you! FYL

KiddoKS 19

It sounds to me like she's overwhelmed with dealing with everything during the pregnancy and wants a little break. If so, be honest and compromise at the same time. Offer to keep her son and/or dogs for the week to help her out.

If her family and pets were overwhelming her I doubt she'd bring them with her.

Yeah, I don't get why she had to bring her entire home, into your home. Why couldn't she just stay at her own house? And if she needed your help, wouldn't it have been easier for you to just go stay with her? I think she didn't want to deal that mess in her house!

KiddoKS 19

55, my thought process was that the husband works and can't be home all the time. She thought if they were at her sister's then she'd pitch in and help when the husband wasn't around. I'd rather deal with a nephew and some pets than that AND a pregnant woman, her husband and a water birth.

Her sister? I think you mean her brother...

deepunder 17

Why go to your house? Couldn't they do it at their house? Put some leeches in the pool for revenge, and say that they were for the blood. Or use a less painful tactic like not buying dog/human food.

The_Water_Ninja 9

leeches in the pool? the hell is wrong with you?!

hooligyn123 18

How the effing Hell would your first thought be leeches!? I can't even think of why anyone would come to that conclusion.... Unless you've recently watched Game of Thrones I guess. But I doubt there is "magic" in pregnant lady blood...

I am really crushed I do not know what she wrote in her comment now.