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Today, my sister bought my five year old son a giant ant farm for his birthday. We set it in the living room on a table. I went into the kitchen for a minute, and when I walked back in to the living room, my son was holding the empty case over his head, smiling. FML
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I cannot even begin to think of how that might be a good present for a five year old. Your sister fails -__-


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I'd be making my sister pay for the exterminator.

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#16 Why do you insist on doing the same? Ever heard of hypocrisy?

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Let the little shit get maulked by the ants. That'll teach him a lesson. If he comes crying to you, say "What have4 we leeeeaaaaarned?" and THEN take him to the Emergency Room.

YDI for not watching a 5 year old with a new toy. Bad parenting is killing our country.

bad parenting? she walked out of the room for a minute. lol.

People exaggerating situations is killing the country. People such as yourself :)

The way I read it, OP's sister was with the kid.

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Is she going to pay for an exterminator to come?

Exterminator? Just get a broom and a bug spray!

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She doesn't need either of those to clean this up.Slowly and very carefully, very, very, carefully burn the whole house down.

I'm reminded of The Simpsons episode where Homer goes into space.

Simpsons episode: Homer is floating in space eating the drifting chips, then he notices he's about to crash into an experimental ant colony. Ant 1: Protect the queen! Ant 2: Which one's the queen? Ant 3: I'm the queen! Ant 2: No you're not! *CRASH* *Ants float out* Ant: FREEDOM! HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE FREEDOM!

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You should beat your child for doing such a stupid thing. Get a belt and beat him mercilessly till he has scars all over. We need corporal punishment for children back in america's homes and schools. That's what will get this country back on the right track. Your son will thank you for it when he's older.

Of course she should beat him, but she shouldn't leave scars, that'd make hippies try to get her in trouble for being a good parent.

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Maybe not beating, because if there are scars, that might be abuse... But I'm all for spanking and hardcore discipline. And if parents would stop catering to their kids' every need. Give that kid a good whooping and have him find and eat every little ant. Or get an exterminator and have him pay the bill in ten years when he gets a job.

Only thing I can say is never ever leave a child alone......especially if they do things like that.

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Getting the ants off him would be for his own safety. Would you get into that much of a rage if it was just a glass of water? Judging by that post, probably.