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  notafoot  |  8

More facts! Very roughly - the Old Germanic word 'hoenig' probably came from a Proto-Indo-European word that also meant yellow, and has cousins in Welsh ('canecon', gold) and Sanskrit (can't remember). The word 'mead', the drink made from honey, comes from the Proto-Indo-European *medhu. Honey is miel in French, mil in Irish, mel in Welsh, similar in many others. Languages are so cool.

  species4872  |  19

Not strictly true. It depends on how often one urinates as opposed to fluid intake. the less you urinate, the more concentrated it becomes.

  rebeccacmlc  |  22

I was going to say that ! English is a Germanic language, not a Latin one, in a language that has Latin roots, for example French, we say "miel", which comes from "Mel" in Latin, which itself originated from the common indo-European and Ancient Greek

  species4872  |  19

Arguing whether Latin is a country or not?? Are you people serious??

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