By ohgawd - United States
Today, my sister asked me to explain where to put a tampon. I realized near the end of the conversation that she believed the urine, feces, and blood all came from the same orifice. This began a long discussion during which I was forced to tell her not to put the tampon in her rectum. FML
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  ThanksKarma  |  0

Unfortunately people still don't understand where these three areas are. Sounds brutal but I suggest taking her to a doctor with sausage fingers and have him/her explain the difference. She will get it.

  yoursucklives  |  36

i know that many peolpe don't know that there are two holes for urine and blood, but how can someone not notice that they have an asshole!?


  perdix  |  29

dickydickman, you are correct. All excreta come out of the crotchetal region, which used to look like a Chia Pet made of Brillo.

However, now that women tend to trim and shave in that area, we see there are several holes there, each of which serves up its own delightful surprise. Until 2008, medical science thought that women pooped out babies, until internet porn videos let us take a close look at the hairpie.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Can you imagine! She's probably only wiping one area! Doesn't matter if she went both poop and pee, she'd only wipe one spot! And I can't even believe I just wrote any of that, I'm so disgusted with my own self! *shudder*

  Sammiches  |  12

I do not se the problem in using rectum instead of ass, because ass includes the butt cheeks and the rectum is the place you actually would stick the tampon.

  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

Hopefully sammiches #9 meant that that was the place where OP's sister could accidentally put the tampon since she only knew about 1 hole, and thought everything came from the 1... I wonder what she wipes when she uses the restroom then... Parents should have taught this child about at least 2 holes for hygenic purposes... Gosh, you'd think she'd notice the different areas when she used them though... like as soon as she started potty training... I thought all parents introduced them... well sis, time to start teaching her... she's old enough to know about, and possibly use tampons...therefore old enough to have a kid if someone doesn't give her the sex talk...and if the parents didn't give her the "where poop and pee come from" talk, I don't think they will be too fast to give the sex talk, and you'll be an auntie before you know it...

  sexaybitch  |  14

Probably not old enough for her period if she thought pee, crap, and blood came from the same place. I'm just taking a wild guess here though. She might just not be very smart.