By Taylor - 23/02/2011 02:51 - United States

Today, my sister and I had a bonding moment. It consisted of me plucking her chin hairs. FML
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MrBond007_fml 6

at least it wasn't her ass hairs!!

I can imagine most women with chin hairs would make an effort to get rid of it, preferably before anyone else sees.


Atleast it wasnt your chin hair.. Stop complaining, Right Now OP! im the best

Avenged7Gabe 0

No you are not the best, you are the worst retard

cryssycakesx3 22

not by the hairs of my chinny chin chin.

that's gross

not really .. ? it's more weird than gross, people grow hair on their chins .. get over it.

I think it's gross when girls have chin hair

people grow hair everywhere, it's natural,I don't really see the big deal. And obviously this girl is trying to get the hair off her chin .. it's like shaving your legs.

I know that, that's not what I meant. If the hairs are that obvious and they need to be plucked I just think that's gross on a girl

That's bonding? 0_0

Nothing says bonding like pain and shared displeasure.

EvilCupcake8361 9

hey chin hair plucking is actually a very life changing experience, along with witnessing a mother giving birth, overcoming addiction, & wiping your significant others ass.

Normal redneck family outting plucking ur sisterwifes chin scruff

MrBond007_fml 6

at least it wasn't her ass hairs!!

In my country if women touch each other's beards they would be severely beaten with a stick since it's so gross. Infact now that I think about it, if a man touches a woman's beard he would also get the stick... Point is don't touch other people's beards...

MrBond007_fml 6

your country is starting to sound like a shit hole

Well I currently live in America so you'd pretty much be right. At least where I come from we're self sustaining & aren't in trillions of dollars in debt...

Your county of origin is a piece of shit. They are to stupid to speak English and that's when they are on the damn phone as an "English speaker"

"to stupid to speak English" Oh, so by your logic, people who only speak English are "to stupid" to speak another language. Shut the fuck up. Also, if you don't know the difference between to and too, you shouldn't be calling other people stupid. As a parting note, I highly doubt this stick dude is serious.

I just threw up in my mouth

Are you sure that was your sister? I'm just kidding:)

And you agreed to this?

I_R_Genius 3

#1, we make sexy time now?