By toyotasmash - 07/10/2010 23:37 - United States

Today, my sister and I got into an argument at a tennis court which ended up with her trying to run me over in the parking lot. I stepped to the side and hit her door, denting it. My parents expect me to pay for the damage caused by my sister trying to kill me. FML
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Refuse to do it! And put a LOT of bleach in your sisters shampoo to make her hair get ruined :)

that's messed up I'd take it to court u would win for sure :)


I think both you and your sister took that game of tennis waaaaaay to seriously.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah tats so me n my bro!

"Today I was playing tennis with my jackhole little brother who threw a fit when I kicked his ass on the court. I didn't want to have to deal with him so I decided to leave. As I was pulling out he jumped in front of my car and when I swerved he hit my door with his tennis racket leaving a huge dent. Now he is telling my parents I tried to run him over."

hahaha awesome 26 =)

y do girls get treated better? omfg just cuz they got extra stuff doesn't mean there so good

really dane? just really? If only frued had made up the theory of vagina envy too. The OP didn't even say it was a boy. so, it could be two sisters... it could be that this is the younger one... we don't know and 26 probably true...

that's messed up I'd take it to court u would win for sure :)

I hate when you guys take everything to the court

then what should op do? suck it up and cover up a crime? it's illegal to do so.

Refuse to do it! And put a LOT of bleach in your sisters shampoo to make her hair get ruined :)

No offense, but this is terrible advice.

just don't pay it and move out. don't ever talk to them. if they take if to court, you'll win :)

You could rip her skin off then use it as toilet paper. I like that idea :D

wow thats kind of overkill.

How did you manage to hit it by stepping to the side?

my thoughts exactly.

My thoughts are that OP was right in front of the car and by stepping to the side OP barely missed getting hit. I'm not quite sure how the dent happened but I could see how OP would be close to the door.

I read it as two separate actions. She stepped to the side to avoid being hit then she purposefully hit the car, possibly with the tennis racket. I may be completely wrong but that's how I read and why I voted YDI.

That's how I read it too, IF.

all of you are wrong! OP ninja-kicked it!

Ding ding ding we have a winner

she could have opened the door and hit him that way.

Ahh, family love.... it has a price.

Are you made of steel or what?

no she is edward cullen lol

I was about to say the same thing, 14. :)

lol great minds think alike

...And fools seldom differ.

no cars are mostly plastic bodies now

Your sister is a freaking psycho!

Bitch family fight for a tennis game. Let’s see what’s happens when boyfriends and money comes in between.

Sounds like a personal problem(:

...And fools seldom differ.