By Anonymous - 23/09/2013 00:08 - United States - Charlotte

Today, my sister and her two-year-old came to my place for a visit. Not long after arriving, my niece ripped off her diaper and immediately took a dump on my white carpet. Guess who had to 'suddenly' leave afterwards, leaving me to clean up the mess. FML
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LappDance 16

Would that be considered a shit and run?

JellyBalls 18

Your sister?


JellyBalls 18

Your sister?

AbstraktThoughts 13

No shit.

JellyBalls 18

Does sarcasm not ship to your area?

Nice process of elimination, there

JellyBalls 18

Unless you were you being punny...

#3, may want to read more carefully next time!

Thats not sarcasm... at all. An example of sarcasm would be,"Your sister seems like an awesome person!"

simplysarcastics 26

He was answering op's question. Where he said guess who had to leave. He said your sister which was being sarcastic. It was funny to me #1

simplysarcastics 26

Me myself I would have blocked the door and told her ass, she's not going anywhere until she cleans that shit up. Sister or no sister thats bad parenting, and being a bad sibling as well.

rykothechubby 5


True, the solution, however, is simple; scoop it up, place it into a box, and mail it to her. It should have a very nice odor by the time it arrives.

Not unless that kid had the shits... Scooping shit up isn't always in solids.

It is also important to make her pay for damages. White rugs don't tend to go well with "color."

LappDance 16

Would that be considered a shit and run?

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

most definitely. I true shitty situation.


Such a cruel thing /:

She just forgot to buy a souvenir for you, so she made one on the spot. At least, you know this one comes from the deepness of her child's love for you.

Or the deepness of her child's butthole

how come you get + but they get -?

Well, that was the point, #28...

Well that sounded like a shitty visit

jasmine2301 25

Great. Please God no. Atleast I haven't seen 'That's a shitty situation,' yet.

rykothechubby 5

I think you mean, ex-sister.

Bigfabthetruth52 22

Nothing to disown her for but id be pissed at her for a while.

rykothechubby 5

It's a joke based on a popular comment made in FML's.

*Sassy black girl voice* "Ohhhh hell nooooo"

castleofg1ass 19

Guess who's never getting an invitation back to your house... Ever

That was so inconsiderate of ur sis