By readytoamputatemyfeet - United States - Winter Springs
Today, my shoe fell apart a few minutes after I got to work. I called my boyfriend and asked him to bring me the "pretty black pair" in my closet. What did he bring? Black stilettos. I'm a waitress with an eight hour shift. FML
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  svalaedgren  |  18

#15, In this case I don't think OP's boyfriend had stilettos, but I don't see why it's such an impossibility for a guy to wear high heels. Shouldn't he be able to wear them for the exact same reason any other girl wears them? Because they're gorgeous, looks amazing on and makes him feel beautiful.

  GhostChickens  |  17

Well, since she clearly has more than one pair of black shoes, she could have been a little more descriptive than "pretty". Calling them that hardly helps, especially since her boyfriend isn't a mind reader - he doesn't know which pair she thinks is the pretty pair.

If I told my boyfriend to bring me my pretty shoes, I'd probably just get an armful of footwear and a boyfriend with an incredibly confused expression.

I'm torn between FML and YDI because Op's poor feet must be killing her, but she could have done better description-wise.