By BIGCHEIFAAA - 24/04/2013 04:55 - United States - Union City

Today, my seven-year-old nephew challenged me to a push up contest in front of my girlfriend. He beat me, and then asked my girlfriend why she's dating a pussy. FML
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Just pick the little bastard up and carry him away. He won't be so tough then.

What a charming person he'll grow up to be. Great parenting!


Just pick the little bastard up and carry him away. He won't be so tough then.

I'm not so sure about this. The seven-year-old nephew could be a really tough guy.

Not if he's flying. (As in being carried, Sherlocks)

This kind of stuff only happens in Soviet Russia

I doubt he's a tough guy, #12. Little kids can (for whatever reason) generally do more push-ups than older men and women who don't work out occasionally.

It's because they have less weight to push up

*the camera pans past a bunch of bushes and grass, to OPs living room* And now we have found the leader of the pack. Lets see if he does the traditional mating call. Oh no, a junior member of the pack has challenged the large grey top. Oh this never ends well for the less experienced members of the pack, well not unless they have learned how to properly defend themselves. It looks like the young one has challenged the pack leader in some sort of activity. Lets watch. It appears to be some sort of meaningless task, yet the two of them seem very energetic about the activity. Lets see where this leads. Apparently the leader has lost interest in competing. He has stopped and is now just relaxing. Oh no. The youth has assumed the role of dominance, and is starting to organize the females of the pack to follow him. Well, we have run out of time. Next week, we will return and see if we can find the remains of the youth. Remember to always fight tooth decay. Good bye boys and girls.

3- No, more doughnuts!

nope. it actually makes perfect sense that a seven year old beats a grown ass man in push-ups. OP may be in a good shape and still lose.

What a charming person he'll grow up to be. Great parenting!

The kid deserves a good spanking, or at least hide a monster mask underneath his toilet seat.

He deserves to be spanked for beating an older guy in push ups? What time era did you grow up in. I think it's op's fault he's weak.

It's not the beating him in push-ups part, it's the calling him a pussy part. No 7 year old school talk like that ever. He deserves some sort of discipline/punishment for it.

OP is not the parent since the kid is his Nephew, not his son. Also, it's a lot different to push 200 lbs up and down vs 60 or 70. This is not really a fair contest, but it still fucks up the ego. Hopefully your girlfriend will understand.

Shit. Wasn't suppose to post here

Red Pill, weren't you Sesshomaru just a post ago?

The mother of that seven-year-old needs to step up and teach that boy some manners before he grows up its be a complete douchebag.

How is it not a fair contest? If OP is too weak to support his own weight then maybe its time to get into shape. Using the "nephew being only 60 pounds and op being 200 pounds" excuse is pathetic, as an adult should be much stronger than a 7 year old.

64 - Two guys, Joe and Jack, go for a hike. Joe is carrying a rucksack twice the weight of Jack's. Joe has to stop and rest sooner than Jack does. Is Joe a pussy? ...No, he isn't. He's carrying twice the weight. Just like OP is fighting his own body weight, which is several times that of his nephew's.

Hm, if that's the case then I should be able to outcompete a guy who works out intensely everyday, as long as he weighs more than I do because he has to push more weight. You people are idiots. And the comparison with the two rucksacks is invalid.

And hopefully also several times the muscle mass of his nephew as well. Your argument is not exactly the same, unless op woke up that morning having magically gained a substantial amount of weight overnight. I'm pretty sure OP walks around daily supporting the same amount of bodyweight (give or take a couple of pounds of water weight fluctuations). Basically it comes down to the fact that op is not as active as his nephew. So John and Jack can hike all they want, but they will never hike into relevance of the fml

78 - An example isn't invalid just because you say it is. Care to explain why it is invalid? Also, somebody who trains intensively is an exception because they are accustomed to pushing themselves further than a typical person despite the extra weight. We are talking about a seven year old and an OP who doesn't exercise regularly (by the sound of it, at least). Not a seven year old and a bodybuilder.

79 - WALKING around, yes. In other words, becoming accustomed to supporting his weight using his LEGS. Last time I checked, a push-up put the burden on your ARMS.

Well using that logic OP had best not challenge his nephew to a bench press challenge as they must both be the same strength it would be a tie. What i am seeing from the "logical" post here is a person has the same arm strength their entire lives (unless of course they weight train) and only by gaining weight does ones legs increase in strength. There is absolutely no reason in the world that a "healthy" man should not be able to do more push ups than a 7 year old. The weight gain should be completely offset by muscle mass increases gained during puberty( unless OP hasn't gone through puberty yet??). Op maybe should get off the couch and stop eating all those potato chips and start walking, running, biking etc more. I should be able to do as many push ups now that I'm pushing 40 than i could when i was 8 the reason I wouldn't has much less to do with the fact I weigh more than it does the fact i am far less active.

It's invalid precisely because of what 79 said. This argument is not a matter of opinion. It just isn't. There is no fairer way to judge relative strength than by a competition in which each competitor uses his/her own body weight. Please stop commenting.

83 - No, it would not be a tie. If they were both using the exact same weight, OP would win because he is physically stronger than his nephew. If OP had to use a heavier weight, like he is when doing a push-up, the outcome would be far less certain because he works harder with each push-up/bench press.

But you just said he was physically stronger than his nephew so there excusr to losing in a pushup match.

92 - Yes, he's physically stronger but he's also working harder to support his heavier body weight, which at least partly negates his superior strength and makes him tire faster.

There was once a young boy on rip Rus believe it or not. How saw able to out squat bodybuilders. He was wearing a weighted vest and they were using weight comparative to their body mass. The boy, about 8 years was able to squat for about an hour continuously. The arguements about body weight and size is a valid one. Gravity and OPs mass will work against him. When I was 10 I could do 80, Martians training. Now I'm 31 and it's a lot harder to do even while training three times a week. A normal child will generally out do a grown if you sues a weight that of equal % for their body weight. And as you gain muscle mass the body has to work harder to push it up. You get heavier so you have to work harder. And this is speaking from experience.

By your logic then, why the older people get, the less resistant to falls. A 5 years old falls he gets right bck up. A 30 year old falls and its like they fell off a buliding. Why is that then?

Not really, but you would most likely be able to beat someone that weighs more than you if they are casual about working out, or don't work out at all.

Or maybe it is the fact tht is legs support his weight and not his hands. The majority of the pushup is with your hands.

He uses his legs to support his weight' not his arms. That idea that #79 threw was stupid

Oh, can it be? The flame wars calling me They get lost And out Of time.

That's a terrible analogy because it's assumed that both hikers are of equal levels of strength since no indication is given otherwise. I'm going to assume the OP is at least 16, so the OP should be a lot stronger than the nephew and the weight difference should not matter.

Most children are extremely active and have less body fat percentage so push-ups are easy and muscle percentage can account for way more since their bodies have less room. A little kid who's running around and stuff all the time and is so small probably has about 4-5% body fat where a big grown man who has obligations cannot be running around outside and stuff even if they're being pretty healthy has closer to like 8%. Plus you have to account for the lack of using their upper body muscles that have stopped growing where a child's are still growing plus they're shorter and more energetic so may climb and stuff so even if it is a body proportion exercise it's much easier for a kid. The muscle and fat proportions are extremely different that's like saying climbing a tree or doing pull-ups should be just as easy at 40 as at 10 if you're so called "healthy" but that's just not true.

That is one tough 7 year old

I dont care about the little one won the bet, the fact he is using the word "pussy", not good.. He need some manners lessons!

And you need some grammar lessons.

Refer to their bio.

Don't forget to teach who ever is teaching this 7 year old a lesson as well.

Give him a break 27, English is that person's 3rd language

31- *her bio. We know her gender. :)

Little bastard has less body mass to move. Case in point is my friend in the military who can do literally hundreds of press-ups, but is weaker than me even though I have difficulty doing more than ten at a time.

Very true. When I was much much younger I could do chin ups very easily, 20 at a time. Now I can barely do 2 or 3 without giving up.

Let him bask in his glory, years from now he won't be so hot with the push ups

Well seeing as I assume you're only 8 than that's perfectly acceptable!

How did you assume he was eight?

What 8 year old has a girlfriend?

Brian Gryffin. He's close to eight-ish

and he's a dog.

That's hardly fair. Little kids have short arms in ratio to the body and have a lot less weight to push up whilst adults have a lot longer arms, but the strength did not grow proportionally and there is a lot more weight to push. Anyways, just let him think you've won to gain popularity points :)

Oops - grammar typo - "just let him think *he* won to gain popularity points :)"

What? Where did you grow up that kids' arms are not at the same arm to body ratio as an adult? So i presume that kids where you are from must run around with little tyrannosaurus arms. By the way your "adults weigh more so blah blah blah" excuse really only works if both parties are the same strength which really would make op a pussy

Ok, 70, we all get it. You don't believe in using logic. You don't have to keep flooding the comments and bashing those of us who do.

Your logic is flawed

Your logic is nonexistent.

Time to hit the gym buddy!

don't worry hoss, I know your secret. wimp on the floor, champ in bed. Right? or at least that's what I say when my push up count comes up short haha

What did your girlfriend answer?