By Anonymous - 18/11/2014 23:43 - Canada - Mississauga

Today, my self-esteem hit rock bottom when I was intimidated by a 10-year-old. I'm 23. FML
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To be completely fair, 10 years olds can be brutal.

I've seen some mean 10 year olds!


I've seen some mean 10 year olds!

To be completely fair, 10 years olds can be brutal.

Some kids are serious fucking assholes. You sometimes wonder if they learn the behavior if if they're simply the spawn of Satan

I do after school pickups, and with this one child, I literally see the look of relief on the teacher's face when I come to pick him up.

Especially over live.. Calling my mom names and stuff.. *ouch*. . .

I know. Xbox live. Those 8-11 year olds. So much swearing and your mom stuff. It's crazy how they act there with their high pitch voices that make you go deaf.

Well you can't hit a ten year old cause you would get in so much shit. But a ten year old would hit you and nobody would get him into trout.

Not necessarily... Anybody could get into trouble for physically harassing someone.

You sir, deserved your +1 for using the word trout.

Something about that sounds fishy to me...

cmchappy 25

That's why when you hit them you make sure they have memory loss jk but yes 10yr olds are devil spawn

*Accidentally makes typo* *prepares for downvotes* *gets up votes because, well, trout*

Well, at least you're not a wannabe hardass like most people under 25.

I'm under 25 and I'm not a wannabe hardass. Those are fighting words. You wanna take this outside, bro?...... Oh wait, I see your point.

Just a 10yr old. Would be best if you ignored them and tried to make yourself better. Take it in a good spirit.

I feel like I need more to the story! What did a 10 year old do to be intimidating?

Was the kid holding a shank or something?

need not ..the kid got a bully mouth...

cmchappy 25

It was probably not a call of duty kid so I bet he did no threaten to prison shank him

what did the 10 year old do?

You've got good instincts. Ten year olds have a ferocious bite.

get some help op!