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What a question…

Today, my science teacher decided not to recommend me for an honors science class for next year. The reason? Last week, I made the mistake of asking whether spray tans give vitamins in the same way as the sun. FML
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  alliewillie  |  22

Ok, while I agree that wasn't the most intelligent question, it seems sad the teacher is basing his entire class schedule next year on a single question - aren't teachers there to answer questions? His grades and performance should be the deciding factor, not a random - albeit ridiculous - question asked in class.

  blazingshot147  |  19

Well in all honesty, it is a valid question. If you think about it, vitamin C can be absorbed through sunlight, meanwhile zinc is absorbed into the skin through sunscreen, so it's possible that vitamins (If any are present) can be absorbed through spray tans.
Sorry, I'm just thinking aloud and trying to think about it logically.


op I think thats a legit question. .Like if the spray tan solution has some vitamins within it and once it hits your skin it nourishes it.. I mean lotion does it, why not a spray?

  riffehunter  |  16

i minda agree with 75, just seems like op was overthinking it,but I find the fact that she is willing to ask and genuinely learn something admirable, too many people are so afraid of being wrong that they just memorize the book and dont learn or potentially find issues or solutions with something that exists. If I were a teacher, and provided op was capable of handling the workload, I would have definately recomended her for a opportunity to further his learning.

you seem to have a genuine interest in the subject. I hope you are able to convince your teacher.

  Welshite  |  39

Kerstileann, don't let it get you down. I thought it was a cute joke, and you made an effort to contribute to the light-hearted atmosphere. So, thank you.

  matega  |  18

In fact, retinol (AKA vitamin A) is often applied as an ointment to treat psoriasis. In this case, smearing smashed carrots on your body would actually help.

  thespiantess  |  18

But when deciding which students should be in an honor class, teachers do take in consideration if the students ask ridiculous questions that aren't honor-student level.

  littleteapot  |  21

My history teacher in 10th grade always told us there's no such thing as a stupid question. Only stupid people. Then frequently bitched about us not asking enough questions.

  Sariasprincy  |  7

I'm pretty sure police officers deal with the dumbest questions ever. I heard a woman ask an officer once why it was illegal for her to drive around with her high beams on.....


The sun helps your body make vitamin D, but it doesn't GIVE you Vitamin D, OP probably forgot that detail. He was probably wondering if spray tanning helped your body make Vitamin D as well, which I'm not sure if it does.