By Anonymous - 12/06/2014 00:00 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, my roommate's pets conspired against me. "The dog ate my homework" has apparently become too clichéd for them. The new excuses are, "My cat chewed through my laptop power cable" and "the gecko ate my pen drive." FML
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"Your pets opened the door by themselves ran ouf of the house and they never came back."

There's always room for interesting excuses.


There's always room for interesting excuses.

maybe the teacher will laugh and give op more time because of it. :-)

Nick_Corso 17

That'll be a hard one to explain

jad0016 12

you could always send pictures technology is a great thing you know

Not when you don't have power cables...

I think he meant phone pictures. Don't need wires for those

sexyboi1985 27

"Your pets opened the door by themselves ran ouf of the house and they never came back."

Wizardo 33

"The washing machine just spin dried the cat and the gecko just fell into the blender..."

"On a totally unrelated topic, how's that smoothie tasting?"

"and how's the sweather, its real fur you know?"

"And the reason your white clothes are pink might not have been from a sock..."

Always keep wires away from cats. They're like drawn to them for some reason. I've gone through so many headphones because of mind

My cats are why I keep a spare set or two of earbuds in my desk, and keep the earbuds themselves in my purse when not in use. They just love to chew on them.

Most wireless ones aren't exactly cheap though

MzZombicidal 36

I honestly didn't know this was an issue with cats! Dogs, maybe. But I'll be sure to keep my wires hidden in the future. Thanks FML!

My dogs chew on anything they can get their grubby little paws on when they're bored, including but not limited to: cords, phone cases, glasses, Invisiline (teeth straighteners), and especially underwear.

I have 2 cats and thank goodness I haven't had that issue. My 2 dogs and bearded dragon on the other hand...

Headphones and cats? That's like giving them a piece of string... That's why they like. Bit obvious imo but I guess not to some of you.

I was merely making a suggestion but whatever

#49, actually giving just string to cats is dangerous. It's so easy for them to eat and it's very hard on their digestive system. Also, even if it was safe, do you really think that would actually stop them from chewing on something? Think of a kid, do they only have ONE toy they play with? No. They have multiple ones. Cats like wires, and giving them a string is not only dangerous, but also ineffective.

Redoxx_fml 22

Maybe your roommate is evil Dr Doolittle

"tell your cat to stop biting cords" wouldnt really work, a cat still roams the house. it would be the op that would have to come up with a solution like hiding their cords. (you could mention not leaving the lizard roam free, but i dont know the details of the lizards life)

Would you want to try say that,I wouldn't

AlexisCrystine 9

as original as those are any teacher would be like " how in the hell does a gecko eat a pen drive"

Or one Geckabyte! See, gigabyte, geckabyte? Never mind, that was pretty bad.