By Sally - United States
Today, my roommate came home and began changing clothes in the same room that my boyfriend and I were in. I quickly got annoyed and angry and when I began questioning her about it she just laughed while saying, "Oh relax, it's not like he's never seen me naked before." FML
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  myfishisBOBA  |  0

ohh snapp girl! That sucks. I think you should have a serious talk about the things she can and cannot use. Like your cloths, computer, boyfriend... You're better off picking this fight with your boy. After all, you LIVE with this girl. You never know what else she can screw over.

By  LysssNysss  |  1

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  username356  |  14

How about we all just stop being racist, and realize how much of a waste of time it is to fight with total strangers on social media. Just back off and forget about it.


Lol, if she was hot id be down. My boyfriend and I don't have a conventional relationship though. We're all about the free love, sans the unprotected sex and std part. Remember kids, swing responsibly.

By  portablecupid  |  3

lol what a whore, didnt even attempt to cover that she had sleep with your boyfriend

you should have asked her if she f*cks truckers at the gas station for free, or if shes a classy "five dollar" lady.

  TheUndead  |  0

Obviously the roommate dated the dude in question before the submitter did. The fact that she was so open about it means that it was common knowledge between all of them.

  Sheleigh  |  7

Actually you're possibly right about the liberal thing.

Example: I've never done the nasty with my sister's boyfriend, but he's over all the time and one time he walked into my room unannounced and saw me au naturale. I'm the kind of person who doesn't care that he saw my goodies, but my sister was furious. Same idea, but different.

  coldhands  |  0

I've seen all my friends who are girls naked. It's just a body and doesn't even matter at all, and my girlfriend doesn't care. Just like I don't care when my girlfriend's peers from her art school draw her nude.

YDI for being so jealous.

  yzarci57  |  0

I agree with you. One of my roomate's boyfriend was the son of a OBGYN so he would protest when my roomate would pratically smother him with a pillow by saying that he honestly didn't care if I changed in the room because he had already heard about and seen nude women.
*to the opener
However, if your boyfriend is an obvious douchebag, I'd be worried.
Otherwise, if he's been cool about everything else, you shouldn't be worried and learn to relax.

  tipple  |  0

DIfferent people find different things "normal"

Just because you associate nudity with sex doesn't mean everyone else does.

There are lots of people who understand you can have nudity without sex, just as you can have sex without nudity.