By komp6390 - United States
Today, my roommate and I got charged $100 for having a cat in our apartment. I was only babysitting the cat so my neighbors wouldn't get caught and fined. We got caught because my roommate reported the people downstairs for having a dog, so they reported that someone else in the building had a cat. FML
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  jasonsaied  |  1

hahahahaha 8 FTW

  nmsm  |  1

On his head, the only hair-growing place visible in his picture, but if I were like the majority of people on this site, I would've replied, "THREESOME!".

By  mattmag  |  0

If the same rules apply to you and your neighbor, why were you babysitting the cat to stop them from getting fined? Shouldn't they have asked a friend in a different apartment complex?