By tryingtobepretty101 - / Friday 2 September 2011 16:58 / United States
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  LiveLaughFML  |  10

you live in new jersey? how did you get your report card if most schools haven't even started yet here? i usually get my report card 2-3 months after the first day.

  kiraleann  |  16

@hatesfate: but still, even if OP looks more like her dad, if her mom meant "pretty up" to insinuate that OP is unattractive then in that particular case she's implying that her husband is unattractive, so it still doesn't work out for her.

  hatesfate  |  6

Kiraleann not really. There are attractive men but dress them up as a woman and they are ugly as shit...

Just because they're an ugly girl doesn't mean they can't be a handsome guy.

  kiraleann  |  16

@ hatesfate: I suppose that's true, although I really would hope that the OP would be born with the face/body traits of a woman rather than a man, but we never know.

  krazy_glu3  |  0

Screw it, get a sugar daddy. Then your mom will be jealous that everything you get is already paid for. Roll up in a Bentley and tell her that was the best advice she ever gave you.

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