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I hate that passive aggressive shit.

While that may suck for you, I couldn't help but chuckle a little at the thought of someone doing that. Honestly if I were you I'd do little things to mess with her like leave pamphlet and other things around since she wants to be petty


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Why do people have to be like this? I'm a christian male with nothing but support for homosexuals, transgender, abortions, other religions and pretty much anything else. No need to group us all.

He just said religion sucks. He didn't say you in particular.

Why do people have to be like this? I'm a christian male with nothing but support for homosexuals, transgender, abortions, other religions and pretty much anything else. No need to group us all.

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You're not a Christian. Very few people are. You follow your own ideals and pick places where the bible aligns with them. That's what 99% of "Christians" do. It just so happens that OP's mom's views align with more archaic parts of the bible, and that turns her into an asshole sometimes.

#39 Because people like you, if you are truly faithful, are the exceptions to the rule. Religion generally makes the world a worse place and has done for a long time, and churches (and believers) who don't usually are ignoring or setting aside many of the scriptures their religion uses in order to be like that. So good for you for being a reasonable person, but experience shows it tends to be in spite of religion, not because of it.

58 - it wasn't about you, but if the shoe fits, wear it.

he said religion not you, dumbass

It's not the actual religion that is bad. Religion is a good way for people to feel good about themselves and do things for others. Religion only is bad when people try to push their views on to other people who want no part of it or blow things out of proportion and act ridiculous because someone isn't following what they believe to be "righteous"

Christianity is "The belief of a higher being or teachings of Jesus christ" So there's a broad band of Christians with different opinions.

#69 No, it's religion. Religion usually involves dogma and people are encouraged to take things on faith, even when there is no evidence or even strong evidence to the contrary. It encourages absolute thinking and discourages (or even forbids) doubt or questioning of the religion. Good religious people are often good despite their faith rather than because of it. As a person who is ex-religious, I saw this in many people, including myself.

^ So much flawed logic and so many irrelevant comparisons all in one comment. If I didn't know better, I'd say you're just trolling, #85.

because most of us don't like abortion?

good for you still doing what's important to you even though she obviously has an issue with it

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"Not physically attacking your daughter" is a bare minimum threshold of acceptable human behavior, not something for which a person should be receiving accolades.

Give her credit? For something that restricts women's reproductive rights? No.

regardless of your opinion toward abortion, planned parenthood is so much than a facility that provides it. it's a wonderful organization that offers affordable reproductive care and council to many who need it. admittedly, I'm pro choice myself but I still think I would support it no matter what

If a non sentient fetus is unborn, and let's face it, the vast majority of abortions at Planned Parenthood are done well before measurable brain waves occur, does that mean we should start referring to each other as undead?

Also, if someone gets an abortion, it'd probably either due to medical reasons or complete inability to provide for a child at that point in their lives. It's more responsible than letting a kid be born into a bad life.

Too bad the thumbs-down option goes away when someone's comment is buried. And it can't be said enough: Planned Parenthood does more than just abortions. Like ensuring women have access to contraceptives so it's less likely they'll need an abortion. OP, thank you for the good work you and others in Planned Parenthood facilities across the country do.

Maybe they should be having sex than.

#4 I'd only give her credit if she prayed for her daughter on her own time, & actually discussed it with her daughter while she's there. Passive aggressively "praying until she leaves the room" means she is ignoring anything her daughter says & praying more for show than actual prayer, which is petty, insulting, & doesn't accomplish anything useful. #35 I'm on the app & I still have the thumbs-down option.

PP has also been caught on video countless times lying to women seeking abortions about the procedure and the developmental stage of the baby in question. And whenever another video surfaces, the supposed "women's rights" crowd rushes to PP's defense. It really gals me that people who claim to be about women's choices will defend an organization that lies to them. How can women make informed decisions when they're being lied to? PP also misrepresents how much of its operation consists of performing abortion. They claim that abortion is only 3% of what they do, yet abortion is the organisation's number one source of revenue. Every time PP hands out a condom, they count it as a service. Likewise, if you go to PP and get a physical exam, a pregnancy test, and an abortion, they count it as three separate services, even though the physical exam and pregnancy test were performed to confirm the need for an abortion. PP is also the largest provider of abortions in the US. There's also a whole lot of highly questionable things that go on with PP and its government funding and donations to political parties and politicians. And I haven't even touched its roots in eugenics. If you're okay with abortion, fine, that's up to you. But please don't think that PP is some sort of godsend for women. It's a pretty sleazy organization, and there are a lot of other organizations that provide the exact same services without all the lies questionable political entanglements.

#46 All those videos about Planned Parenthood lying to their patients were false. The nurses, doctors, and patients were all actors. Even the anti-abortion organization that submitted the videos admitted to this.

Further responding to one post prior: You complain they count every condom handed out as a service. You don't agree with that? Every condom they hand out could potentially avoid an abortion!

I think he also doesn't understand that abortions still cost money at PP (hundreds of dollars, actually) while they give away condoms for free. Of course that will count for a larger chunk of their revenue.

well done gracehi... you single handedly made your yourself look retarded lol throwing numbers that don't exist to support your opinion - is also a lie(: good luck w/ life & may the force be with you...

I hate that passive aggressive shit.

While that may suck for you, I couldn't help but chuckle a little at the thought of someone doing that. Honestly if I were you I'd do little things to mess with her like leave pamphlet and other things around since she wants to be petty

I dig. be subtle, smart, kind, smooth. it's not the same era she knows. but always bring love.

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I go to Planned Parenthood so I don't have to make the decision to have an abortion. Thanks birth control!!

Ironic that you use the term "mother."

#48 Is having an abortion really that different from denying a patient dying of kidney failure one of your own kidneys? In either instance, somone is going to draw the short straw. True, someone else could come along and donate, but it's not guaranteed. Many patients die waiting for organ donors. And yet, there's no protest group trying to force people to donate their organs.

Well it is not her body that she is killing

It's also not your body that dies when denying an organ to a patient who needs it. You're still making a choice, considered selfish by outsiders, that results in someone else's life or development ending. But you cannot be forced to donate because of bodily autonomy. A fetus falls under this as well. Even dead bodies can't be forced to donate, unless they gave consent before their death. By denying pregnant women the right to abort, you are: 1. Granting unborn fetuses more rights to other people's bodies than anyone who is already born. 2. Giving pregnant women less rights to their own bodies than corpses.

It's not her body and it's more than "a handful of cells"

Just ignore her OP. You're doing a good thing and you have such a great and helpful job. Don't let her religious antics push you away from working there.

killing kids is apparently a good and helpful job now

Is there any possibility a long, honest talk about what Planned Parenthood does (way more than providing abortion, I assume), why you chose to work with them, and how your job is genuinely helping people would do any good, or is she too convinced of her own opinion for that? Ok I guess the praying-until-you-leave-the-room-thing already suggests a no to that question, but maybe she'll become a bit more reasonable once she's gotten over the initial shock... Good luck OP, must be tough when your mother has such radically different views.

Could it be worth talking to her pastor about how she is acting (after speaking to her first though)? Most Christians preach love and kindness even if some don't agree with things like abortions. Or could one of your colleagues talk to your mother? Might she be more willing to listen or at least act less passive aggressive with another person?

She hates abortion more than she loves pregnant women and actual babies because Planned Parenthood helps them FAR more than they conduct abortions. You shouldn't get neonatal care and information, because someone in another facility entirely conducts an abortion to save a woman's life. Such religious love.

FYI they do abortions at planned parenthood. It's not like getting lab work done, you don't go to a separate facility for it

Planned Parenthood does do abortions but they are separate facilities. The one in my town does only physicals and birth control and such. About 20-30 miles away is the abortion clinic that only does abortions.

I would also imagine they are better at providing care than those little run down religious pregnancy facilities that you see those abortion marchers pointing people to.