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By  Dallyni  |  22

Was it a spider?! Yet another reason not to go to Australia.

  pandainspandex  |  19

I find it interesting that out of all of the comments dissing Australia hers was the only one that was thumbed down.

  thecore23456  |  19

Casual racists? I really hope that's a joke. Because the indigenous population of Australia only recently stopped being categorized as basically animals and as actual people.

  VonBlitzkrieg  |  27

Don't listen to these butthurt P.C. pansies, #5. It's common to joke about animals in Australia, just like people joke about guns in the US. Ask them for their address and send them tissues for their tears. It's sad to see what a bunch of crybabies our generation spawned.


#5 Dont worry deary. You were just making a joke. People make jokes about Australia all the time and hiw everything there is trying to kill you. I wonder why they dislike YOUR comment.

  sturschaedel  |  27

A friend of mine did that when he caught lice "down there". I told him not to do it because it sounded crazy. He did it anyways and it worked. He told me he had blonde pubic hair afterwards, but the lice were gone. So, bad idea as it might sound, it obviously worked.

  snarkytruth  |  37

If you thought it was a bad idea and even told your mate NOT to do it, why would you turn around and tell the OP to do it?

( only when called out as a bad idea change your tune and claim you thought it was a dumb idea at the time too ?)


#134 There are many things that sound stupid at first but actually arent. Like putting oil on your face removes pimples but many people would think its stupid. It actually works.

  Razell  |  13

Y'know... shaving would probably have been just as effective.

...Though I suppose the bleach would also kill anything else he'd caught.